Sunday, December 18, 2011

In Honor of Seneca's Start Today, I Bright You...Another Slash Type's Jersey Card!

As many of you know, my attention to athletic college QB's does not only go out to Seneca. It also goes out to guys like Josh Cribbs, Tory Woodbury, Eric Crouch, Kordell Stewart, and any other number of the guys who played QB in college and then discussed switching positions in the Pros. Seneca, like Stewart, stuck with QB. But another one of the guys who switched positions is Woodrow "Woody" Dantzler, a personal favorite of mine thanks to one sweet kick return with the Cowboys way back when.

Turns out he only has four jersey cards. One is almost impossible to find (and has Woody as a Falcon! One of his few non-Cowboys cards). Another is decidedly lame. Still a third is a decent SPX entry. And the last one comes courtesy of Upper Deck. I may someday collect all four, but for now I at least have one, that Upper Deck one, #'d 0047/1500:
Even in hand, those swatches on the right look red to me, not Clemson icky orange. But I think they're cool regardless!


  1. congratulations on your find... i don't remember this guy at all.

  2. Hahahaha nice. He barely played at all at the NFL level so I don't blame ya!

  3. Julian Edelman should be a favorite of yours, college qb to pro wr and kr then he goes over to defense. I think he could emergency punt as well.