Thursday, December 1, 2011

Of Droughts and Deluges - Finally a New Addition!

If it seems like I haven't been posting as much of my cards lately, it's because I haven't been getting anything new. Senecas were mostly on hold, COMC cards weren't being delivered because I was building up an inventory, and trades are at a standstill (I actually just took my trade bait down - it wasn't current and I don't have time to make it current haha. Someday it'll come back though I'm sure). This all resulted in quite a few posts about neat cards I found online, but no scans of goodies for my PC.

But then an Ebay auction came up. And a Blowout user messaged me. And I ran out of COMC credit to spend so I had everything shipped. AND another Ebay auction came up. And finally a former blogger from overseas got in contact with me and said he'd send a year old package. Holy Toledo...things quickly went from nothing to something!

Today's something came courtesy of the Blowout Forums, and was a bit of time coming. A user there offered me a card and we worked out a deal, but he said he had to find it before I could buy it. Weeks went by, and then finally he found it. It was a 2003 Leaf Limited Gold Spotlight /25, which I very much needed, especially at a good price. The last one I saw online went for $25. This one went for $10 - hooray!

A scan of the individual card is now in my Seneca Collection to the right, but I prefer to view this card with its friends, as below:
The top left is the bronze spotlight /150, then the base /750, then the silver spotlight /75 and finally the gold spotlight 3/25. All that's left is the platinum spotlight 1/1. I've never even seen it, but hopefully someday it will be mine!

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