Monday, November 14, 2011

200th Seneca Wallace - It's Official!

My 200th Seneca Wallace card came in the mail a few days ago. This is awesome for several reasons:
1. My initial goal for 2011 was to boost my Seneca Master Set to 100 cards. 100 was passed around March, so I kicked that goal's butt!
2. Seneca only has 291 cards. So getting into the 200's is a big deal since 300's won't exist until Topps Total returns or Seneca gets a starting job, neither of which is guaranteed.
3. The card is a sweet parallel. I have the regular 2003 Upper Deck Standing O Wallace, but this one is "embossed" and that makes it look like a dimpled football:
There's still a third card from this parallel set where the outsides are die cut and the card takes on a football shape. But some of those are pretty rare, because while there are 84 on Beckett's Marketplace I've only seen a handful on Ebay and none on COMC. And zero Senecas ever, But then again I had never seen this embossed card before it popped up on Ebay a few weeks ago, so maybe the times are a changin'. Either way, I'm just happy to have finally made it to big old 200!


  1. I saw he got in on a gadget play against the Rams yesterday, maybe there's hope for him yet.