Friday, December 16, 2011

Sneaky New Seneca to Celebrate a Potential Start

Have ya heard the news? Thanks to James Harrison and an awful Browns medical staff (okay, not that awful, but SOMEONE should have noticed Colt had a concussion), Colt McCoy is likely out for Sunday's game against the Cardinals. That would guessed it...Seneca Wallace in at starting QB. And here's my newest pick up to honor the occasion:
Like the Rookies and Stars /550 card, this card is a parallel where only the first 50/ are autographed. Unlike the Rookies and Stars /550, this card is /700 AND the auto is not a sticker. Instead it hides inside on a giant swatch, just waiting to slide out!
And TADA! That's as far as it slides out, which is out since it then obscures the S and the W, but hey, it still looks super awesome. Especially since the swatch is practically the size of the card. How's that for jumbo, right? And to top it off, silver sharpie is always a nice touch. Touche 2003 Playoff Honors!

1 comment:

  1. Looks great! As a fellow obscure player fan, I hope he starts for you! Hooray for debilitating head trauma.