Sunday, January 1, 2012

2011's Resolutions Reviewed, and 2012's Resolutons Established

In 2011, I made 5 goals for myself - 4 at New Year's and one later on. And wow did they end up all over the map:
1. Collect 100 Senecas - SUCCESS
- I was cautious with my estimate here, but I ended up blowing it out of the water, getting 105 more than I figured. That's a pretty good year if I do say so myself!

2. Boost my Duce Staley Supercollection to 10% completion - FAILURE
- I got rid of all supercollections except for Seneca, so obviously this failed. The focus helped though, so this was a good failure.

3. Complete a set - FAILURE
- Slow progress on a few, but nothing finished.

4. Trade more trade bait! - SUCCESS!
- The trade bait draft (and TBD2) were a huge success. I also sold stuff on COMC and on Blowout. Heckuva year for bait. But still much more to go - I have too many cards and not enough room!

5. Find my blogger balance - Sort of a Sucess
- I started posting every other day, and that seemed to help. Lately I've sort of faded though...a lot of that has to do with finishing up a job, preparing for student teaching, and adjusting to a new laptop. So hopefully I'll bounce back and all will be good!

So 2.5/5 - 50% ain't too bad but ain't too good. So now it's time to make new goals - hopefully I'll go 100% this time! Only four this year:

1. Get to 220 distinct Senecas. Only 15, but with pickings getting more slim this could be tricky. Always good to aim low because you never know!

2. Pick up another Seneca Wallace 1/1. I've sort of stalled at three, with only 3 other known in existence that'll be hard to pry. Hopefully I can grab one in 2012, plate or otherwise!

3. Complete a set. Worth a second try, and I'll include subsets like the 1995 Topps League Leaders.

4. Trade/sell more cards! I have a lot of base that still need to go somewhere - I'm hoping I'll move a lot of them for stuff I need. Never hurts to get stuff moving!

And those are my four goals! Hopefully I achieve them all!


  1. Like the new look to your blog. Best of luck on your goals. Happy New Year!

  2. Good luck with your goals and have a happy, healthy 2012!