Friday, January 6, 2012

Christmas Part 2: Football on Baseball

Man, what a busy new year thusfar. And it's only gonna get crazier - I start student teaching in 11 days! Probably won't post too much during those ten weeks either, as I expect to be pretty busy. So here's another post while I'm still posting!

This one features a guy playing a sport that he's not commonly associated. But the Philadelphia Phillies drafted Ricky Williams in 1995 an an outfielder, and he played in their organization from 1995-98 while attending college as well. He was no great shakes - his highest level was a ball, and his overall average line was .211/.265/.261. But the guy did enough to get featured on a bunch of cards, and naturally that drove me to pick up a card or two of his!

For Christmas I got three!
All three are great, but my absolute favorite has to be the one in the middle:
Hilarious photo - straight cheesin' with a side of awkward. Someday I may start a collection of guys playing the wrong sport, but for now I'll just look at cards like this one and chuckle!


  1. Totally forgot Ricky played baseball... cool stuff. Good luck on your student teaching. What grade(s) are you going to be in?

    I'm sure you'll have a blast... I've been teaching for almost 15 years and have enjoyed the whole ride.

  2. Elementary special ed. So far it seems pretty awesome!

  3. Awesome. One of my friends teaches elementary special education and she loves it. I don't have the patience, but every individual has their own calling.

  4. I think wrong sport that every time I look at my Russell Wilson Rockies cards. Wilson is the QB for Wisconsin along with a Rockies minor leaguer (for now).