Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Best of Christmas: Shots of an Epic Man/Bro Cave and My Own Piece of Boston Legend!

As I wrap up my Christmas gifts, I should probably mention the coolest find of my time home last Christmas. See, my brothers and Dad are all big sports fans too, specifically New England ones, and they've established quite the Bro Cave in our tv room. It's not quite a man cave - my brothers are 21 and 18, and the key piece comes courtesy of my Mom - but it's epic nonetheless. So leading up to my final card acquisitions, I thought I'd show off a few nice pieces.

First a few autographs of Celtics...players...of days gone by. I'd say greats but they're not greats lol.
The top one is an auto of Glen "Big Baby" Davis. I picked this up for my little brother Christmas 2010. The bottom auto was actually a gift for me several Christmases ago, and features an auto of little known Celt but personal fave J.R. Bremer. More importantly, it also features a lurking Tyronn Lue - clearly this photo and sig were meant for me!

Not signed, but very awesome, is a small IceCats portion of the wall. It includes a poster of their mascot, Scratch, a pennant, and a Scratch paw:
Freaking amazing...and brings back lots of memories of being a 11 year old! I still like those crazy weird colors.

Moving into the really awesome pieces - how about some major league soccer? My family are huge soccer fans and my Dad has season tickets to the New England Revolution, which earned him this nice piece. It's a banner signed by all the members of the New England Revolution's 2008 Superliga winning team, in a nice silver sharpie:
The Superliga is an 8 team bracket featuring the 4 best MLS teams and 4 best Primera division teams at the end of the year. It was a pretty big deal that the Revs won it, and it was similarly awesome that my Dad won this banner! There was a raffle for season ticket holders and he ended up being the lucky guy to win the signed banner! A pretty sweet piece which includes Shalrie Joseph, one of my all time favorite Revs. Definitely one of the best pieces in the room.

The best piece of all though comes from a mid 70's Channel 2 auction. Because that's where my Grandfather bought this stick for $100:
Why is it so awesome? Well first of all it's game used by Carol Vadnais, a pretty decent defender for the mid 70's Bruins. Better yet though, it's signed by most of the 1973-74 Bruins, including an all time great:
Can't see the auto there? Well then this is where my Christmas goodies come in. I got two cards of the player with the best auto on that stick:
That's right, BOBBY ORR! Cool, huh? I was just happy to get an awesome playing days card of the guy, whose card back mentions his status as the NHL's best. But seeing the stick for the first time, which I had heard about since I was a kid, was definitely one of the best parts of my holiday.

I got another Orr card from my Uncle, featuring one of the few guys not on the stick: Phil Esposito:
It's all good he isn't on the stick though, because the above card is epicly awesome. Check out those random portrait shots, especially since they used multiple shots for the same card. Super cool and makes for an excellent card. Sure to be a piece in my cave someday, be it bro or man!


  1. Wow... impressive Fam-Cave! Love how you guys keep it in the family.

  2. Poor Big Baby. Played his way out of Boston and then suspended in Orlando. I should probably sell off my collection before he plays his way out of the league and it's all worthless. It's a shame, he used to be a gritty player and a lot of fun to watch.

    Very cool stuff. I'm still trying to get my man cave in order. My biggest challenge is that I've got slanted walls up here and need to get L brackets or something of that nature to hang stuff up on those walls. Thanks for sharing.