Sunday, April 22, 2012

Seneca #216 - It pays to make cardboard acquaintances

Remember my post about seeing red a week or two back? If you remember the bad part, you remember how I got a slightly damaged new Seneca. If you remember the good part, you might recall that I picked up a new Seneca need from an Iowa native who promised to look for new Senecas.

I was focused on the second part, and it has already brought FANTASTIC dividends. I went on Ebay a few days ago and searched for new cards, and found a sweeeet patch card #'d 59/75 staring back at me from the same seller. He's already making good on his offer which is fantastic, and the card shipped to me in just 2 or 3 days - it looks like this:
It is very, VERY hard to find 2+ color jerseys of Seneca, patch or otherwise, because most of his jerseys are lower end and generally one color. So anytime I get a few colors is awesome. But this patch is especially awesome for two reasons, which a close up better reveals:
1. The blue in the patch here is lettering or numbering from the jersey, and has that weird ironed on feel that we all know too well from sports camps or little league baseball. Professional jerseys are always so similar from sport to sport - it's nice to get some variation from the college level.
2. As you can see from the label to the left of the patch, this patch came from the jersey that Seneca wore in the 2003 Senior Bowl. That makes this patch unique, as I've got cards with jerseys of Senecas at Iowa State and cards with jerseys of his from the Rookie Premiere, but this is my first from the Senior Bowl. It could also be my only one - the foil version of this card appears to be Iowa State material, so the Senior Bowl jersey may only exist in this one card. I might have to look for more to see what other kind of patches exist - with the numbering there could even be a 3 color patch out there, which for a Seneca card is almost UNHEARD OF!

So yeah, this card is really cool.

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