Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Arts and Crafts Part 1

So lately I've been staring at those cards that never move. Some late 70's, some 80's, some 90's, some 00's...all without a place to go. No one wants to buy em, no one wants to trade for them, everyone already has the sets completed (or the sets are so dumb that no one ever wanted them). But they fill up my boxes and will probably sit there until the end of time unless I set them on fire.

Or I play arts and crafts:
What happens when you mix a early 90's dinosaur set with Jason Kendall? You get Jasorous Kendall. Simple, but it makes me laugh, and it made something awesome out of two cards that weren't going anywhere. I made a few cards the other day, so expect some more in the next few days. They'll all be this...amateurish...but I kinda like them!

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