Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Seneca Buyout Post #2 - Red Ink

The next card I purchased in the great Seneca buyout is #'d 60/100, and completes what might be Seneca's "neatest" parallel set.  The card is 2003 SP Signature Edition Autographs, and this one is inked red:

See, the fact that it's red is special, because this whole parallel set is based on all the colors being different.  There's also a non numbered black ink:
A non-numbered blue ink:
A blue ink /100 with a different photo (every player in the set has a different photo for the blue ink /100 ONLY...random I know, but this is the only color with two parallels for every player but Seneca):
A green ink /50:

And then Seneca was lucky enough to be the ONLY guy in the entire set with a no numbered green ink auto as well:This set raises all kinds of goofy questions, but altogether it looks really nice with all the varying colors, even if they are on stickers.  It's not that odd I picked up the red last, as the hierarchy seems to go green ink /50, red ink /100, blue ink/100, black ink, and then blue ink no numbering from highest value to lowest, so red ink was the second least likely to pop up.  However it's also odd, because both the guy I bought out and the guy I'd like to buy out (if he wasn't asking $60 for a /10, among other prices) had a red ink copy in their collections so it didn't seem that hard to find.  But I've never seen one on Ebay in over 3 years so go figure!

Also I have no idea where the no numbering green ink fits into the value structure.  By book it ties with the red ink /100 and the blue ink /100, which seems about right since it's such an oddball.  I'm really curious how many of the green no number were produced though, since every other player in the set only had green cards #'d to 50 with Seneca being the lone weirdo with two parallel versions.  It does make his master set of 2003 SP Signature Autos a little more special than the other players though, so that in and of itself is pretty cool.

Also, if you had to ask me which card aesthetically looks the best?  I'd probably side with the no number blue ink, i.e. the card with the least value.  Blue just signs so much sharper than green, red, and black (especially with Seahawk colors), and the sig on my no number is a bit better looking than the sig on the blue /100.  But together on a binder page they look best of all, so I'm really glad I was able to assemble this mini set!


  1. just saw this and thought about your blog... sure enough, first thing i see is another seneca wallace post. so i guess the news tidbit should be topical.


  2. Whoa that's a cool piece, thanks for sharing! Kinda random he went with 3 Rams and 2 Chiefs Cheerleaders hahaha.