Thursday, August 16, 2012

COMC Sweetness, Part 2 of 2

*This wasn't meant to double post but it did...oh well enjoy all the COMC goodness from my two parts in one day!)

Did you guys know you don't always have to pay the cash out fee from COMC? If you deposit money in your account and only spend some (i.e. to make an offer or whatever), you can ask for the rest of the money back, fee free, within the first 30 days it is in your account.  So as a seller if you sell $10 worth of stuff and cash out you only get $8 (20% cash out fee), but as a buyer if I put in $10 and only spent $6, I can get the full $4 back within 30 days.  Just a neat thing I learned recently so I thought I'd share!

With my most recent purchase, I had $2 left at the end of everything and thought about cashing it out.  But curiosity got the better of me, and I ended up searching through the names of my "regulars."  All the guys I've ever thought about PCing or did PC back in the day - I often check for cheap cards of them.  So Shaun King, J.R. Redmond (again), Robert Edwards, Josh Cribbs, Tyronn Lue, etc.  Eventually I came to Dewon Brazelton, and found this neat little piece #'d 185/250 for just $2:
Now I think that's a cool freakin' card, and believe it or not it's the only used glove card in my collection.  I love that little stitching hole from the glove, as it adds a lot of additional character to a piece that was already pretty unique.  It's odd - for a blog that was originally inspired by baseball cards, I generally deal very little in actual baseball cards these days.  But if I ever was to start another PC, I wouldn't be surprised if Dewon was the guy, as Fred McGriff just has too many cards to make a collection of him manageable.  Dewon only has 546, which is still a lot in the grand scheme of things but it's a ton less when you consider McGriff has over 2,000!

In the meantime, no collection holds a candle to my Seneca Wallace collection, and an addition to that collection was the catalyst for my COMC purchase here.  I've long been tracking Seneca's Sage Autographs set, which are all numbered in a range of colors including Red, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Player Proof, and Master Edition.  I've long since picked up the first four, but the Platinum /45 had me stuck (and don't even ask me about the last two, as they're super rare).  I found one copy but the guy wanted $20 and wouldn't budge.  And there we sat until this card popped up on COMC a few months ago, #'d 33/45:
I waited and waited for the price to go down, and it didn't, but I finally bit the bullet and offered slightly less.  And the seller gleefully accepted, meaning the Platinum Auto was finally a part of my collection.  It scans atrociously thanks to the Sage Silver backing, but I assure you that it looks quite nice in person.  I'd actually say that about all my COMC cards this time around - I don't think my scanner does well with chrominess or shininess so all of these cards actually look loads better in hand.  But ain't that just scanners for ya?

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