Thursday, August 16, 2012

COMC Sweetness, Part 1 of 2

I bought four awesome cards from COMC the other day on the cheap, all because one was a new Seneca Wallace card I needed.  They just arrived today so I rescanned them, and man am I glad I did!

The first card I grabbed was one of Alvis Whitted, #'d 008/275. I know what most of you are saying - Alvis Who?  But for me, this is the third BEAUTIFUL Jaguars patch for my little collection:
Per usual, I'll provide  a comparison so you know where the patch is from.  Here's your typical Jaguar shoulder patch, zoomed in on the head:

And here's a super close-up (and super small, sorry) image of the back teeth/ear:

That's what my patch looks like:
I love how exact the spots are on these Jaguars - they show up in the same exact spots every single time on every single patch.  That's dedication.  Although I am a little confused about the yellow over the ear.  It seems to match the logo I found well since it splits up the black, but my Leftwich looks different.  Strangeness all around.

I was psyched however to finally see this in hand, because I didn't know part of the leg showed up here as well!  It's that light yellow kind of circular area to the right of the mouth - that's the upper muscle of the left leg.  It almost kind of adds a fourth color to the patch since the coloring is slightly different, which I love!

Also I have patch #4 on the way.  And I don't even care about the Jaguars.  And they no longer have Jaguars on their uniforms.  I think I have a problem!

Card #2 makes more sense in terms of my life.  It's a Patriot, and now just any Patriot, it's J.R. Redmond.  Again, for most of you, J.R. Who?  But for me, he (and Jermaine Wiggins) are two guys whom without the Patriots could NEVER have won their first Super Bowl against the Rams.  Redmond had a huge catch for a first down where he got out of bounds - without him Kurt Warner and company were likely raising the championship hardware in overtime.

Here's the patch.  It cost me a bit for a J.R. Redmond patch, but it's 4 colors and I've never seen anything near this nice from him otherwise.  It's #'d 053/350:

Again a comparison (I LOVE these haha).  I couldn't find a good Redmond comparison since he was never a big seller in the jersey department, but here's a Richard Seymour jersey to demonstrate a typical jersey from that time period:

Zooming in terribly, here's what the corners of the jersey numbers look like, i.e. the slight bends in the bottom of the 9 or 3:

And here of course is my patch:
So I can't pin down the exact location of this patch on a Redmond jersey, but I know it came from some bend in his numbering.  I'm going to say it's from the top of the 1 in 21 just to pick a point.  Regardless, I'm just psyched I have a 4 color jersey of a guy most people couldn't even pick out of a lineup.*

* For the record, my brothers are two of the guys who could pick him out of a lineup.  As I mentioned on this blog many moons ago, one of my few non-card pieces of memorabilia is an 8X10 autographed in person by J.R. Redmond.  He was at the same game as my brothers and they ran into them and he chatted with them and signed a photo.  Even before that he was one of my favorite Pats of all time...that just added to the excellence!

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