Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Seneca #226, because everyone can find your blog pages

It often feels like nobody reads my blog posts, which I'm sure is a feeling/thought I share with many of you.  Rest assured though, people do read your stuff, especially when you write about really weird crap.  Like my left handed QB page - even though I haven't updated it in forever, it's the only definitive list of its kind on the internet, and as a result it gets tons of hits from people looking for lefty QB info.  Or in the case of this pickup, my 2001 MLL Inaugural set page.

See, the 2001 MLL Inaugural set is super rare - so rare that I only found one reference to it in all of the internet before I wrote my post, and even that reference was incredibly vague and non-helpful.  The set isn't listed on Beckett and you can't buy a box on Blowout or something, so there's really no way to know which cards are even available in the set, let alone where to get those cards from!  So over the years I've sold some of what i have from time to time, since they command a few bucks from lacrosse lovers who also happen to enjoy cards.

Anyway, I received an email a few weeks back from a guy who found my blog post via Google and wanted to know if I still had everything listed.  I don't - I actually only had four cards, but he was still interested and wanted to work a trade out.  He showed me pics of some "hits" he had and let me know other goodies he owned, but nothing seemed to match up.  He then offered to buy me a Seneca if I wanted and I said that was fine, so he made a purchase, I sent off a package, and a few days later this was in my mailbox:
This SPX Winning Materials Team Logos card is almost exactly like the /250 version I have, but it's technically SPECTRUM which means it's /50 and has gold accents instead of silver.  It rounds out the last of my SPX needs for Seneca, which is pretty cool since I love finishing off an entire set!  And I think it looks neat, so that's always good too!

So here's to obscure blog posts and the readers who google them!  I know my Seneca Collection is +1 card due to that phenomenon!

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