Monday, September 17, 2012

Cards so fine even Mickey couldn't touch them

Ahhhhh yeah, going Tony Basil style with the title.  Can you believe she looked like this in the 60's?

Moving on, I keep posting Listia goodies, and I figured I'd keep that going with a few little things I won on the site.  Since I have a pretty good amount of credits now (just shy of 30k), I sometimes take chances on stuff in the 1-300 credit range that looks like it could be a decent deal.  These often include no picture or a blurry picture, with a very vague listing of what's actually included in the auction.  More often than not those auctions get removed by Listia before completed, and sometimes the person never ships to me and I get a refund, but it's always interesting to see what I get from those who do send.

In this case, there was a Finest lot with a few cards with a minimum bid of 100 credits.  I figured they were worth more like 1,000 if any were refractors, so I thought about taking a risk on the lot in case they were.  And if you go by purchase amount on Listia then 100 credits equals 33 cents, so that's a risk I can take every single day.  So I threw in a minimum bid, won the auction, and got these neato cards a few days later.  None were refractors, but I'm still happy with what I got!
These are grouped in two areas, Finest Additions and Sterling.  The Additions cards are sort of like Transactions cards since the players on them recently moved teams, and I ended up with David Wells and Bob Tewksbury.  Wells is who he is, and he's one of the few former Yankees that I find myself able to tolerate even though he LOVED being a Yankee more than most.  As for Tewks, he was born about a year after my Dad and grew up in Concord, NH, which is right next to the town both my parents grew up in.  So when I was a kid Tewks was a big deal to me since he was kind of a big deal to my Dad given his local icon status, and it's always neat to pick up cards of his as a result, especially shiny Finest cards.

The other Finest cards were much shinier - some Finest Sterling cards of Raffy Palmeiro and Marty Cordova:
Raffy's story has been talked out, and I was never a big fan pre-enhancement issues, so he doesn't do much for me even if he is likely the biggest "star" of this lot.  But's a guy I used to root for as a kid.  My first ever pro baseball game was a 1997 Twins game in Minnesota, and guys like Cordova, Ron Coomer, and Rick Becker (not to mention Brad Radke) all became players I loved since I got to see them in person.  Cordova was probably the guy I knew most in the game given his past Rookie of the Year status, and so I cheered hard for the guy.  He sadly went 0-5 with 3 strikeouts hitting in the 8th slot that day, which made him the only starter without a hit and sadly meshes far better with his career than the Rookie of the Year he won just a few short years earlier.  But I still loved to watch him play the game and followed the guy as he moved to Toronto, Cleveland, Baltimore, and then retirement, so it's nice to have a shiny Finest card of his from this lot.


  1. 30K credits!!!! I know know not to bid against you.

  2. I now have a ton less - won a Tom Brady rookie card :-D so I'm a hair under 20k.

  3. I think the highest I've ever gotten is 1,700.

    I just won a 1961 Walter Alston, so it ain't 1,700 anymore.

  4. What can I say, when I get into something new I often quickly go overboard. Sold some relics and vintage for about 7,000 credits each after selling a few small things to get my seller wings. Now I just sell stuff at around 1,000 credits a pop -up made 2,800 last night betwern three sales, two base rookies and an insert card.