Thursday, September 13, 2012

Seneca #228 - Another from the never found list, and 80% completion!

With all the progress I've made on my Seneca Wallace collection this year, there are still quite a few cards that I've yet to find proof of existence online (or in person) in any way, shape, or form.  No past Ebay sales, no mentions of that card being pulled in a box break, no images on Photobucket...just nothing.  But the Beckett list says they exist and I haven't found definitive proof that they don't exist so I trust the list and hope they show up at some point.

Well now that I have a job and some income, I decided to search a bit on my non-daily (read Ebay, COMC, and Listia) search sites to see if I could find some new cards to acquire.  It's always a long shot that I'll find anything that I've never seen, and if I do the cards are typically in the $10-20 range, but with a paycheck finally coming my way it seemed now was as good a time as any!

Lo and behold, there was a Blowout forum thread from a few days ago with a Seneca for sale.  A guy needed some sales for a PC need, and tried selling tons of cards in a giant lot.  That didn't work, so he individually pieced them out with specific prices.  Sitting in that list was Seneca's 2003 UD Rookie Futures Gold /99 (specially 35), a card I had never seen listed anywhere.  Holy schnikes!

The price he wanted?  $1 plus $2.85 shipping.  I IMMEDIATELY sent him a PM, paid paypal gift to show how happy I was that he listed the card (but don't ever pay paypal gift it's an easy way to get ripped off, in this case I just was very excited!) and a few days later this was in my mailbox:
Ooo....purty.  The base version isn't too different, just with silver in the gold part and no serial #, but I really dig the way this card comes together and I'm always a fan of serial numbering on the front of a card so this was a wonderful pick up.  It also completed that page of my Seneca binder, something I haven't recently tracked but which is happening more and more as I get down to the nitty gritty of cards.  The binder is really coming together and once I pick up a few more cards of his (including hopefully another rarity that just popped up on Ebay as I write this) maybe I'll show off some of the completed pages in all their glory!

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