Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Seneca #229, from one Blowout Member to another via a card shop via Ebay

Man, buying online can get real complicated.  But it's nice when it works out!

Anywho, one of the many Seneca cards I had never truly found was 2007's Topps Gold /52.  A lot of the Topps set cards are hard to find once you fit those final two parallels (the Platinum 1/1 and whatever color they make second rarest) since everyone and their Mom collects flagship and a lot of people like to try for the parallel sets too.  So this card had never showed up online anywhere - people like to build sets, what can I say?  But I expected it - I'm waiting on the second rarest card from 2007 Total and 2009 Mayo Mini as well for similar reasons.  It is what it is.

Well as you may expect since I'm posting this, one popped up on Ebay.  $2.99 with free shipping.  I threw in an opening bid and was ready to go up to like $20.  Imagine my surprise when that was the winning bid 6 days later!

Even randomer, I got a message on Blowout that night from a guy who said I won a card from his shop.  He was real excited I won but felt bad because had he known it was me, he would have just sent it for free!  I could really care less - $3 between card collectors is chump and I'm just happy to have a new card for my collection.  But it's nice to make those connections, and he said he'll keep a heads up for me from here on out!

Anyway, here's the card:
Love that gold sheen.  All that's left is the Platinum 1/1.  Never seen it anywhere in my life and don't expect it to come cheap if I do, but I think it's his only somewhat normal 1/1 parallel.  Certainly his only Topps base 1/1 since 2003 doesn't have one.

Here's the back.  Chippy around the edges, but I could care less:
As you can see from the stats, Seneca was serviceable in 2006, but hardly showstopping.  2008 was actually his career year, with 11 touchdowns and 3 interceptions over 10 games (8 starts), with a league low 1.2% interception rating.  The only other year he was nearly that good was 2010, his first year with the Browns.  He played less games though so it doesn't look quite as nice.

Anyway, as you see, 32/52 stamped in that big green area on the left.  Progress!  Only 55 cards left now and a bunch of those are 1/1's.  24 to be exact, which means 31 "normal" cards,  all but 7 of which are /50 or less.

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