Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Listia lends me a Hand(zus)

I try to keep my collection pretty minimalist - if I have a need I want only one of that card/player/set/etc.  I'm definitely a tad obsessive and that's part of it, and I also like to keep my collection small so the cards I own are cards I truly appreciate instead of ones I try to move within two weeks.

That said, sometimes a card falls into your lap and you just can't say no.  In this case it was a Listia card...400 credits for a card listed as "2001 sp tools of the game."  Poor title which I only found because the description listed the card was a jersey.  I was more interested in the player though - Michal Handzus:
As I've mentioned in the past, Handzus is one of the finest hockey players whom I ever had the opportunity to watch play.  He's in my makeshift 1997-97 IceCats set, and I already owned an auto of his but wanted a little more.  Hence this nice little white piece of jersey from 2001 SP.
I love the specificity of these old Upper Deck cards - sure it doesn't have a picture of the item or a game date, but it does say "an authentic piece of game-used jersey worn by Michal Handzus in an official NHL game."  That's as good as anything you'll see, and better than most certifications nowadays.  Regardless I just think it's a slick looking card of a great player and it's nice to own it.

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