Saturday, June 1, 2013

Return, with a new PC addition!

Well my blogging has slowed to a crawl, which is due to a lot of things.  Partly my teaching job (5 days left to til summer!), which has been an experience for sure.  Partly adjusting to married live in an actual home, as much of my free time has involved making the new home look homey (and recently grilling out back with my wife and cats).  

Partly hobbywise because Senecas I need are so few and far between these days.  Other than one on Beckett that I'm waiting out on price (though I may ask for it for my birthday just to have it be one less card I need lol), all the cards I need are in private collections, and at the moment I'm not really looking to make any collection purchases like I did in the past few years.  So without new stuff to purchase I don't have much to blog about, and instead I watch Netflix or focus on my fantasy baseball team.  So it goes.

I still do check Ebay fairly regularly though for Seneca stuff (not the 20 times a day I used to when I was more obsessive, but once every 2-3 days for sure), and recently that paid off when a Seneca Sage jersey popped up that I needed.  After seeing how awesome the colors on these look, and knowing they're Seneca's only truly game worn jerseys, I'd probably snap up every Sage and Press Pass jersey that I ever saw, but it's even better that this parallel was one I needed.  So without further ado, 2003 Sage Silver Jersey 21/50:
A one color, but way cooler than the typical one color since the yellow signifies it is a number or letter patch.  I also prefer these college jerseys because they have those big mesh holes that remind me of when I played college sports.  And these are also cool because when you tilt the card you can see the red jersey underneath since the yellow is just the topmost layer, which I dig.  And you can't go wrong with hand numbering either!

So another great add, about 6 months after my last one.  Maybe the next card I need will pop up on Ebay in a year?  Who knows, but when it does I'll probably grab it.  In the meantime, expect my next post a month from now or something lol.  I still do check in on blogs every now and then, life's just a little more hectic than it was when I was a poor college student!

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  1. I've got five days left too! Can't wait for summer to arrive.