Thursday, July 25, 2013

Bowman Completion, or another Seneca rolls in!

For the longest time, there was just one Seneca I still needed in an online shop.  Well now I own it, thanks to my Dad grabbing it for my birthday (Thanks Dad!).

It looks nice, and more importantly it completes the 2003 Bowman run of my Seneca Wallace collection.  It's his Bowman Chrome Gold Refractor /50.  This one specifically is 40/50, such a beautiful piece.

Scanner's still down so here's a picture I took.  As typically happens with pictures of refractors, it's real reflective in the end...but here goes:

234 cards now, 240 was my target for the year, and it'll be tough to reach but there's always a chance!


  1. Woohoo, new Seneca! Congrats, and good luck on 240.

  2. I just found this...

    The first card at the link below has the best/worst name of a sports player of all time. Not only does he deserve to be in the Great Sports Name Hall of Fame he should get the very top spot. Rusty Knutz is hard to beat but this guy does it...