Tuesday, October 15, 2013

I declare these customs awesome!

With needed Seneca Wallace cards getting harder and harder to find and with no official cards produced of his past four stops, I decided I'd look into custom work to see if I could expand my collection that way.  I sent a few messages around on Blowout, and a Dolphins fan ended up getting back to me.  We worked out a trade where he got cards and I got three customs (his latest three stops since I already had a Browns custom), and I think it worked out quite well!  Here they are in all their glory:

First a Saints card, who Seneca played with in the preseason for one game this year:
I love the way Seneca pops in the image due to the color change.  The name plate is somewhat based on 2008 Upper Deck.
 And I like that it's horizontal too since he hasn't had a horizontal card in years!

The backs are neat, here's all four grouped together:
Very similar with the same basic stats and logo background, but so awesome nonetheless.  Each one has Seneca's stats with that team, so the Saints show how awful he was in the one game, 49ers show how well he played in the 3 final snaps of the game, and the Packers show how he hasn't played at all yet.  I also LOVE the addition of the middle name...I haven't seen a card yet that has his middle name listed and it gives the customs a late 80's/early 90's throwback feel that I love.

Also, there's two Packers because one was misprinted so he included it as sort of a throwback to the misprint/miscut era.  I can dig it!

Moving on to my favorite front, Seneca Wallace 49ers style:
This one just rules, the background is pretty fierce and I think the photo works well here.

And Welker83 did something similar for the Packers custom.  This one was a little tricky because there are certainly a dearth of Seneca Packer photos freely available online.  But here's one:
Again, very nice color combo!  Don't expect these to be my last customs either, as I'm looking into getting more!

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