Sunday, October 6, 2013

Lemme lemme lemme upgrade...Seneca style

That's right Sasha Fierce, you tell em.  It's time to show off a few new upgrades for my collection, and all four of these look super nice and are thanks to one awesome EBay seller who goes by the tag Maize.

This Maize character put a couple rarer Seneca Wallace cards up on Ebay, and I didn't need any of them but it looked like the kind of stuff that meant he had more good things hidden behind the curtain.  So I messaged him and asked what else he had to see if I could score a wantlist need or two.  He had nothing I needed, but he did throw around the word patch several times, and that piqued my interest for sure.  With Seneca cards it's hard to find game worn patches, and here the guy was promising four different cards with game worn collegiate patches, all three colors or more.  Needless to say I asked for scans right away!

He did me one better and threw all the cards up on EBay in three separate auctions.  They all looked great and the prices were even better so I threw in my bids and hoped it'd be enough.  Somehow no one else bid against me even on the nicest of the patches, and after a little combined shipping I paid about $14 for four cards.  Not bad at all considering how they look!

The first two are both Fleer Platinum Alma Materials patches.  My one patch was a barely two color where the red was kind of falling off the card.  So these are both big upgrades:

Now one of my favorite things about collecting jerseys and patches is trying to figure out where the pieces come from, and initially I was stumped on both of these even though I loved the color.  Eventually I figured it out though using another one of my cards that features Seneca in a 2003 ISU away jersey:
Turns out those patches above are from the numbering on the away jersey.  I believe the top one comes from the top right of a 5 where the yellow slants down, and then I think the bottom jersey comes from the middle right side of the one where some yellow stops when the | hits the _ and then a slant starts to the right.  It's kind of hard to explain but if you take a peek at the sample card above I think it'll make sense.  Regardless, both cards look awesome, I'm glad to know where they come from in the jersey, and I'm happy to add them to my collection as upgrades!

The next card was a BIG upgrade.  As some know I love me some Sage jerseys, and before this deal my Sage Silver /50 was a one color yellow (numbering) patch, which is awesome but could be more colorful.  Well now I have this awesome three color patch:
Here you can see how the home jersey number/lettering works, with the yellow being shaded by the dark red.  If I had to venture a guess I'd say this is the bottom of the 1, but really this could probably come from quite a few places on the jersey.  But it's a sweet patch so I'm glad to have some variety in my Sage Silver patches!

Finally we come to the creme de la creme of this purchase.  I'll let the card speak for itself to begin:
That's right...this is my first LOGO PATCH of Seneca, definitely a sweet find and my jaw dropped when I saw the guy had it available!  Technically it's 6 colors, and here's a closer look at it right side up:
Now for those wondering "what the heck is that Mooss," the 2003 Senior Bowl was sponsored  by Food World, and as a result their logo, which looks like this:
became part of the Senior Bowl logo, which was printed on both sleeves of the jersey.  You can kind of see if in the card above - here's another look below on a different guy's jersey on the sleeves:
Makes me wonder if there's more of the Senior Bowl patches out there somewhere...definitely could be a fun little group of cards to collect!

Here's the back:
This one's /75, so there's definitely potential for more of the Senior Bowl logo in these cards!  For now I'm just glad to have my first true logo card though...such a unique patch and definitely one of the highlights of my collection for now!

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  1. congrats on the upgrades, they all look fantastic!