Saturday, December 21, 2013

Buying and Reselling

So when I debated moving out on my Seneca collection, I ended up putting out some feelers about potentially selling some of my stuff to a few people.  I ended up only selling to one guy, who insisted he pay what I paid for everything I had, which I could work with, especially since I didn't sell anything that I can't get back.  I've stretched that money quite a bit as it ended up getting most of the stuff you've seen lately, i.e. Stiths, Bishops, and Smarts.  But I also already bought back a few of the Senecas I sold for a bit cheaper...which wasn't expected but it's always nice when you can save a few bucks right?

One card that seemed weird to be back on my list was the base LCM /1250.  They're pretty cheap so it was pretty easy to get one back, and I love the looks of this one all over again:
 Just a nice sharp card with a cool shield shaped patch.  And here's the back:
 Pretty simple back, but I love the way the serial numbers look on older Leaf cards...awesome piece.

I reacquired the Mirror Red as well:
The football patch is a little neater on this one since it has a bit of a lace hole.  And here's the back, which is pretty much the same minus the serial numbering:

Here's the best card of all from my recent purchase (all of these came from COMC).  It's a /25 so I didn't think I'd get one so quick or so cheap, but I guess it worked out!  There's also a cheap one on Ebay too...I guess people have a lot of this set to go around?
I forgot that these cards actually have a leather feel, and the lace part is also especially cool.  Good things here.
The back's nice too, I absolutely LOVE how they have the actual football in the picture, even if it is event worn.

Finally, here's an auto that actually sells pretty well, and I didn't realize how well until after I sold it.  Can't blame those that value it though, as it's a nice crisp auto on an excellent design:
 Loved this card it even more seeing it again.  The back is pretty sweet as well:
I never noticed the hologram before, and I think it's pretty neat.  But I think you'll all agree it's a pretty beautiful card, even the second time around.  So I'm pretty happy with my decision to sell a few cards in order to grab a bunch complaints here!


  1. Wow... that Topps All-American autograph is clean. Sure beats the silver sticker autos they used two years later. One of these days I'll add a Boller to my CAL PC. It's just a matter of finding it a the right price.

  2. Yeah it's a beautiful set. And I guess it's valued as such...a lot of Senecas even pop up at $10 and up on Ebay...but I got this one for a lot less than that so I'm sure a Boller will turn up too!