Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Last of the Brand Name Themed Posts for now...Collector's Edge

So I'm getting a little tired of my brand name set name posting format and I'll mix it up.  But since it's still early in the collections and I have a lot of stuff coming in at first, I figured it's worth posting some of it to let ya'll know what I've got!

Collector's Edge was always weird to me...it always seemed like (and I guess still kinda seems like) a lower end football brand, like the kind that barely has a license.  I can't really think of a good baseball comparison, maybe Pacific but this seemed almost lower to me at times.  But in collecting it now I realized I do like the look of some of their later 90's entries.  Here's the first of several:
1999 Edge First Place #180.  I don't know how a Ton Gunish logo makes for First Place, but hey, I'll take it!  Maybe it's their logo I don't like?

The back:
 Words focus on the scrambling, and man what a scrambler Bishop was in college.  The back itself is kinda nuts though...like someone took the front, threw a few logo on it, and then cut off two thirds of the card with a few big blocks of color.  But hey, player collecting!

This one's quite a bit better:
Therrrre we go.  Not only is it a nicer looking "Masters card" but it's also the HoloSilver version, which means the logo gets a nice tint and so do all the other logos on the card.  But even without the red tints it's pretty epic given the golden background and shadowing...I love it.
The backs numbered...AWWWW YEAHHH!    Unfortunately the text is a copy of the First Place back above, which is kind of lazy on Edge's part.  But I dig the little pic of Bishop on what otherwise looks like a Windows 98 homescreen.  Sometimes card design is weird.

But now we come to the meat of this post.  So once I decided to collect new guys, I made a thread on Blowout that said what I still needed.  A guy I've talked to a few times said he found an auto I need at his LCS for $5 and asked if I wanted it.  I said heck yeah, and now it's mine:
It's a blue parallel of the Edge Advantage auto, which means this one was done in blue ink.  The blue here is a little faded now and is on its way to black, but it's still an awesome looking card in person and I dig it.  It also shows off how varied Bishop's auto can be, most of mine so far have been fairly even in terms of lettering, but this one is Bishop heavy and the M barely looks like and M.  I love the difference.
Phew, different words, I can dig it.  I also like the piece about how a great winning percentage has followed him from childhood through college...that's just a neat trait to have.  And of course you can't leave out the numbering, hand numbered 70/74.  Beckett says this is supposed to be out of /40, but Beckett has gotten stuff wrong before so I feel fairly confident about it.  And if they're wrong and this is a base auto gone rogue...well hey it was cheap.  But I feel good about it.  And I LOVVE hand numbering.

So there goes Collector's Edge...now I gotta think of a new way to sort these posts haha.

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  1. I'm on the same page as you in terms of Collector's Edge. They just weren't in Upper Deck, Topps, or Fleer's league when it came to companies... and I agree... even Pacific would rank higher.