Sunday, December 15, 2013

Specifically Pacific

I think player collectors from the early 00's probably feel the same about Pacific as collectors in the late 80's and early 90's felt about brands like Score and my beloved Donruss.  There's just so much of it!  And with Pacific, so many varieties!  Private Stock, Aurora, Paramount, the base Pacific set, Dynagon...not to mention about a million others.  I picked up two Pacific cards recently for my collections so I figured I'd throw them together in one post!

The first comes from a small Blowout purchase, it's a Shyrone Stith card from 2000 Pacific Aurora.  Here goes:
It's the future!  Very blocky and angular, the little side circle pic is kinda funky too.  Also I have yet to get a card of Stith where he's in a Jaguars uniform...I wonder if only his 2001 cards will have that...should be interesting to find out!

The back:
Some vital stats over a pic.  Stith was a very short dude...5'7" is tiny for an NFL back.  Ballsy of him to declare early for the draft as that small of a dude.  Also kind of crazy to think that Stith is 35 years old!  I guess it has been a while since he last played but wow the time flies.

 Here's 1999 Pacific, featuring a picture of Michael Bishop from the Shrine Bowl:
There's a LOT going on on Bishop's helmet.  I think thats the Kansas Jayhawk on the side, but there's also a Eagle on the front and maybe a Tiger on the back?  I'd love to see more of this helmet in the future to see exactly what's going on!
The back is pretty simple, mentions that Bishop had an awesome senior season.  23:4 TD:INT that's excellent.  Great season right there.


  1. That is a cool helmet. I love the practice of players swapping helmet stickers with teammates at those senior bowls. It always seems very sporting. The yellow sticker is the Cal logo. I'm not sure about the other one though, maybe the Wyoming Cowboy?

  2. Ah yeah I see the Cal logo now! Hopefully there'll be more of this helmet so we get other angles!