Friday, December 27, 2013


(The mamas...the mamas........Tradition!)

So I've got more Michael Bishop cards to post, and a few are from Fleer Tradition.  A few aren't.

First card is from 2000 Fleer Tradition, aka the white bordered pop of color set:
So colorful...except for that random little black and white Michael Bishop sitting on colored Michael Bishop's shoulder (is it cool to say colored Michael Bishop?  Doubtful).

The back!
Nice little comic, though kinda....random.  In general cool stats though, I adore lines of 0's on a card, whatever the cause (here Drew Bledsoe being really good).

More Tradition, this time a year earlier and in a college uniform:
 The lettering on this card is kind of intense...and almost causing an injury to both Bishop's right arm and his left knee.  Yeouch.

I love this back...nice little pic airbrushed where it meets the stat side.  It's a little weirded that they rounded it instead of squaring (rectangling?) it off but I still think this works well.

This one's not Fleer Tradition, but I still like it, especially since it's out first shot of MICHAEL BISHOP IN ACTION!  YEAAAH!
Bishop got into both games versus the Colts in 2000, one's where he left a lasting impression on me with a 44 yards hail mary TD (and also ran once for -6 yards) and in the other he had 3 carries for 3 yards.  As a result, hard to tell which game this pic would've come from, especially since the numbers on the jerseys are only partially readable.

46-3 is a VERY nice collegiate record.  That's stupendous.

1999 Skybox Premium, aka the drunk googles set:
It's almost like Bishop is on the tilt a whirl and he's about to be sick.  Not a flattering card.
The back is a little cooler, but still, WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

Finally, 2001 Quantum can tell it's the future because it has silver shiny:
The back is very computeresque as these cards won to do, with lots of geometric patterns and whatnot.  The bottom is pretty nuts though:
Canton comparison is  3 completions and 1 TD...not exactly a close comparison.

Also this card says that Bishop is 6'2" while most of his rookie cards say he was 6'0."  Looks like somebody ate their Wheaties since the 1999 NFL Draft.


  1. I have always referred to 2000 Fleer Tradition as the "blatant '54 Topps rip off" set but I guess your description is just a bit more civil.

  2. Haha I like your name for it as well!