Sunday, December 29, 2013


Remember when errors on a card were a big deal?  I'm a little young to have caught that train full force, but I definitely remember having cards where a guy had like a season with 100 homers or he was 8'2" or something and it always made me giggle a bit.  Well I already found my first Michael Bishop error...and it's a doozy.  It's on his UD Ionix Electric Forces parallel:
 Didja spot it?  If not, the back makes reference to it as well, even more blatantly:
Yup, on the left side in that red circle is a Buccaneers logo.  But Michael Bishop was never anything but a New England Patriot, so this is definitely an error.  However, before spending two years at Kansas State, Michael Bishop did play football in junior college for the Blinn Buccaneers of Brenham, TX (Cam Newton also played for Blinn and is arguably their biggest success story).  So there's a chance that the guys who made this card were thinking Blinn when they made the error.  But it could also just be a really bad error...who knows.

Anyways, it was neat to find!  I wonder if that exists for the other parallels of this card?

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