Friday, January 17, 2014

A few more Smart Christmas Pick Ups

So the other day I posted the Smart XFL card that I got for Christmas, but I got a few other cool Smart parallels as well.  They're both very green, which I think works pretty well with Christmas!

The first is Smart's 2004 Fleer Tradition green parallel:
I think it looks pretty awesome even though it is such a simple parallel.  Just switching up the pop of color but it looks great next to the base version.

The back is similar, same card in all ways except for some green accents:
Beautiful card.

Now the first Smart card I grabbed when I began collecting him was a /24 extreme LTD card from Pacific.  I had seen one of these suckers online and was kind of curious about them...and now I have one:
Same exact on the front, the difference is on the back and for this card it's a lack of a stamp in the bottom left hand corner (my stamped one is here):
I'm guessing this is one of those famed "backdoor" cards that was made but not packed out due to Pacific folding in the 2001-2002 years.  Meaning either someone got this in a bankruptcy auction, or some employee snuck it out, or some other shadiness occurred.  And who's to say any were really ever stamped given the trickiness of that era for Pacific, meaning that my /24 could be a fake stamp with this card here being the one that truly came out of the factory.  Either way, I have one of each version, and I think that's pretty neat.


  1. Ah, Rod Smart..."He Hate Me". I've got a few cards of his in my Panthers collection somewhere. Nice.