Thursday, January 23, 2014

Super Awesome Randomness

So one of the really neat things about going home and seeing my brothers is that they still have all sorts of cool cards from back when we were kids.  This Christmas they went through some of the weird ones and packaged them up for me, and here are some scans of some of my favorites.

This first lot I call...Rookie Quarterbacks and Super Nintendo Games:
The rookies are pretty awesome, McNabb, Bledsoe, and the always hilarious Josh Booty.  And the SNES games are awesome as well.  The Lost Vikings is a fantastic multiplayer game, Battletoads is just one of the best coop fighting games ever, and Top Gear 2 (and the original one) have some of my favorite video game music ever.

The next lot is from Ren and Stimpy...I think it was a matching game like Go Fish, only with Ren and Stimpy themes:
I'm a big fan of Hip Boots Filled with Cole Slaw, but who can forget Gritty Kitty Casserole, Log, or the always awesome Powdered Toast Man!  Such a great show.

And the last lot, as random as the first two were, is definitely the most random.  Some sports, some non sports, some mixing of's all crazy:
I'll kinda let these pictures speak for themselves for the most part, but I love the Detlef Schrempf due to his time on Parks and Rec and the giant Undertaker kick the most.  Walter Zenga is kind of a hero around our house, so he's a pretty neat card to have as well.  And you can't go wrong with the Mike Jeffcoat...a baseball dude throwing a football is a pretty awesome sight to see.


  1. Ladies and Gentelmen, Boys and Girls, Children of all ages!!

    DeGeneration X proudly brings to you IT"S TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS OF THE WORLD!!!

    The Road Dog Jesse James!

    The Bad Ass Billy Gun!


  2. Lol glad someone else loved them. They were pretty...


    Bad Ass lol

  3. I remember trying to watch Ren and Stimpy. They gave me a headache.

  4. was a weird show for sure. I loved it in parts

  5. I used to play Lost Vikings on my brother's PC when he brought it home from college. It was fun because you had to figure out how to use all those guys' strengths in different ways.

  6. It was fantastic, I always liked being the shield guy since he could use his shield to sort of fly. My brother liked the red guy because he could jump and was super fast.