Monday, January 13, 2014

Christmas Christmas Christmas Christmas...Part One

My wife played Fantasy Football with me this year, and she lost in the league semi-finals but also loved it.  Since she really enjoyed it, I combined my love of cards with her new found love of her team and got her a card set of her team as a stocking stuffer.  She loved it and it was pretty neat.

Well I told my brother about it, and he said it was neat.  So neat, I guess, that he and my Dad decided to team up and do the same thing.  So they went to a card shop in North Attleboro, MA and grabbed my current fantasy basketball lineup.  Which is both awesome and impressive, because I trade a lot.  Anyway, here were (at the time of purchase) my starting five players:
I kinda flipped the scan, but basically that's:
PG: Chris Paul
SG: Wesley Mathews
SF: Kawhi Leonard
PF: Chris Bosh
C: LaMarcus Aldridge

A nice little lineup, with Bosh killing percetanges, Mathews killing 3's, Leonard killing steals, and Paul and Aldridge killing everything.  Of course I didn't make it easy on my family, so right before Christmas I traded Chris Paul for Carmelo Anthony and Michael Carter-Williams.  They caught it just in time but couldn't find a Carter-Williams card...but here's a Melo and my bench (at the time):
Here you've got David West, Tony Parker, Shawn Marion, and Larry Sanders (who I traded for as he is a blocks master).  There's also that Melo and a Vince Carter, who actually is no longer on my team.  Instead of Carter I now have Khris Middleton of the Bucks.  I also put Melo on the IR so I was able to add Mario Chalmers.  That said, this is still a very nice crosssection of my fantasy team, so well done Brad and somehow kept up with my crazy moves!

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