Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Numbered Stiths

Still trying to get to the Christmas stuff...it's gonna be a few more posts though.  It's good though, it just shows how much good stuff I got to kick off my new collections, especially the Michael Bishop and Shyrone Stith ones!

Today's theme is numbered Stith cards that I've recently picked up.  It's always fun picking up numbered cards at first because the card could be numbered anyway from /1 to /1,000,000.  A lot of the early stuff tends to be of the larger print run variety...go figure.

First card is this Encore card of Stith.  I actually got like 4 of these, and I picked this one of the four because 1102 is 1+1+0=2?  Really I don't know why I picked it, but I like it:
Another Jags jersey card, so few of those for RC Stith.  But a great looking "future" technology type card.
Neat little back of the card too.  The more cards I read of Stith's, the more I read about him being a ground and pound type runner.  Which is real tough at 5'7" and 209 pounds, so kudos to Stith for pulling it off in college at least.

Also grabbed a card from 2000 Absolute, which isn't a college jersey or a Jags jersey - it's an offseason jersey!
 Kinda a neat difference compared to the other cards.  The design is kinda weird though, especially that Jaguars logo in the bottom left...looks like it's gonna bite Stith in the butt!
This one's numbered 0800/3000, and I LOVE this back more than almost any back ever.  it mentions every pick from the player (here: Stith)'s draft round for his team for the past 10 years.  This is especially neat for the Jaguars since they had no pick (or existence) until 1995 and for Stith since he was a 7th rounder.  That I know any of these names (pretty much just Alvis Whitted) is pretty nuts since most of these guys were NFL longshots.

Another Stith card, and finally another Virginia Tech jersey card.  This one is from 2000 Pacific Prism:
 So shiny...gotta love it.
The back has some foil numbering, it's 0246/1000.  I know Pacific made a ton of different sets in their day, but as long as the card has that little white circle with number for the card number, I'll always know it's a Pacific card.  You can't hide from me!

The last card probably has the nicest design, and it's also from the biggest company, in Upper Deck.  Man they used to make some awesome stuff, especially their old Pros and Prospects sets, like this one:
 BEAUTIFUL card...a lot going on but I think it all comes together so well.  It's 0982/1000:
The blurriness of the top right photo is intentional, and intriguing...I guess it goes with the techy look.  I also like that UD says Stith is 5'8"...questionable there.  Of course they also say that Stith "appears ready for a long pro career" and that's not true either.  I guess Upper Deck was lying to us long before any of us ever realized!

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