Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Welcome 2014! 2013 Hobby Goals Revisited, 2014 Set!

Last year I had just three goals.
1. Complete my IceCats collection or add cards to my 1994 Good Humor WWF collection.
2. Obtain another Seneca 1/1
3. Bring Seneca's cards up to 240.

Here's how I did:
1. Completed the IceCats collection, so...SUCCESS!  But I stopped collecting Good's a wash.
2. NOPE.  Tried hard to obtain the Mirror Black 1/1 this year and in the end was unsuccessful.
3. Bumped my Seneca total one card in the end.  Added a lot of cards but subtracted a few too to kickstart my new collections.  I wouldn't have gotten to 240 even if I had kept everything, but I'd be close.  So fail here.

So three goals, kind of completed one and the other two were nopes.  Here are my goals for 2014:
1. Obtain another Seneca Wallace 1/1.  I have four currently, and I probably won't be able to get another 4, but that leaves 20 in the world, any of which could pop into my life in 2014.

2. Bring my Seneca Wallace collection to 238 distinct cards. Right now I'm at 232 cards, so that'd be 6 cards in a calendar year.  I'd say that's doable.

3. Bring my Michael Bishop collection up to 48 distinct cards (aka 25%).  I'm at 26 right now.

4. Bring my Shyrone Stith collection up to 43 distinct cards (aka 25%).  I'm at 13 right now.

5. Obtain, or at least find evidence of, a Rod Smart 1/1.  Dude has 16 1/1's in the world and I haven't really found any of them online.  This needs to change in 2014.

Best of luck with your goals ladies and gentlemen!