Sunday, February 9, 2014

Fantastic New Idea - Maintaining wantlists for bloggers on forums (i.e. GETTING YOU MORE CARDS! Interested? Read on!)

So recently jaybarkerfan hooked me up with some Listia credits, and I wanted to pay him back so I started looking for Josh Willinghams.  It started on Listia but then I spread over to Blowout where I posted a general "Hey I'm looking for Josh Willinghams" thread.

That has been a hit - I managed to get a freebie or two, picked up a few cards for a care package, got links to a few really nice cards/collections and was able to find a 1/1 printing plate that jaybarkerfan purchased!  It was all sitting there just waiting for the right collector on Blowout and since I posted some random thread now it is available to or going to a collector that'll really appreciate it!

So It thought, hey, there are a lot of bloggers who just blog and don't use forums (which is fine, that was me forever haha, and forums aren't for everyone).  But I know there's probably a lot of cards on those forums that bloggers could use.  I would like to volunteer to make sort of a blogger buy/sell/trade post on Blowout.  Bloggers could send me player/team/set needs (within reason of course) which I could then post on the forum.  If someone on the forum had something that that could meet a need (like say they had a nice Josh Willingham for jaybarkerfan) they could message me and we could set something up.  I think it'd be a nice way to expand the collecting universe for bloggers without having to have everyone here sign up for a forum account.

A few thoughts on the processes:
1. My basic idea for the forum is something like:
Blog Name:

Where blog name could be a hyperlink to your blog name if you wanted (or I could just say like Bill if you didn't want you blog name public - I just figured the hyperlink may increase views/make ya some new readers friends haha).  Needs would be stuff you're looking for, haves (optional) would be stuff you're willing to trade with others.

2. I know with the Willingham plate the seller didn't know jaybarkerfan and so we ended up having to do a deal where jaybarkerfan paid me, I paid the seller, and then the seller shipped to jaybarkerfan.  I don't know that it'll all be that mixed but since I am the middleman of sorts I'm sure that'll pop up from time to time - just wanted to make people aware of it.  

3. If you're interested at all could you leave a comment here?  I'd love general comments/questions/suggestions as well - I'm sure there's a flaw here or there that I'm missing but I think by and large it could be pretty neat!


  1. Happy to have you advertise my want and trade lists. Want lists are generally set fillers plus some funny/unusual/error cards. I'm actually in the middle of moving right now so wouldn't be able to actually do a trade for a few weeks in all likelihood. Also, would only be interested in trading, not buying or selling. Thanks!

  2. Yeah, no harm advertising mine either should you feel inspired.
    Want list:
    Have list of lists:

    I don't mind selling but I'm unlikely to be able to buy...

  3. Sweet! That's totally fine, I can say it's trade preferred for sure.

  4. You could post my Virdon Want List.

    Especially looking for 2014 Topps 75th Buyback Virdon cards right now. I can't put them on the list really yet though because I have no way to know what year Virdons they issued as a buyback.

    Add my blog name if you want but I don't ever post anymore.

    I don't have a trade list but I do have a PayPal account.

  5. Count me in. In need of some rare Getzlafs and Russ Martins, perhaps they're out there hiding.