Friday, February 28, 2014

Stiths from Dennis Pt. 2: The Non-Autos

The further back you go in time, the cooler inserts are for cards.  I mean I started collecting in the 90's, and there were just so many crazy nice inserts.  Sometimes that's true these days but it seems like the focus is all on autos and relics.  So it's nice to be able to do a post like this where it's all about inserts instead!
This first card's just a simple parallel, but I think it's really well done.  It's the Coaches Honors (which should probably be Coaches' Honors, right?) parallel, which means the redder base color turns gold and some text gets added.  Simple but it looks really nice, especially in person.
The back is pretty much the same as the base, aside from the serial numbering to /300.  I noticed Dee Moronkola's name this time, and one interesting thing about him is that I could find his stats page on and for the XFL but he didn't seem to acquire any stats in either league.  Freaky.

This next card is from Edge Supreme.  I couldn't do it but it almost looks like a custom I could do, what with the base photo background, two triangles thrown on the sides, and then the text added after.  That said, it's still neat!
The back is so techy, so strange.  Three things stand out.  One, this is numbered differently than in Beckett.  Two, this is one of those weird cards that was print limited but isn't specifically numbered, instead it is "one of 2000."  Three, and most importantly, is the cards use of extra "r's."  Fred Taylor is rrrready to rrrrumble...where did that even come from?  I love it though.

Probably my favorite card of the package is this Quantum Leaf Rookie Revolution card.  It has that Sportflics texture to the front - the image doesn't change but it has that same feel to it.  Of course that also makes the card bend a little bit, but I always thought that was part of the fun with Sportflics.  Fantastic looking card.
The back is more typical, with that Leaf numbering ribbon that I love oh so much.  Simple little write up and a nice re-use of the oval from the front.

This card is sort of odd - there's a Fleer Tradition card of Stith and T.J. Slaughter combined together, and this one just kind of removes the Slaughter, makes Stith bigger, and then adds a little Stith.  That said, I really like it, especially since it's the glossy version so it looks all snazzy in person.
Here's the back.  The serial numbering is sort of stickered on which was a weird choice, and it shows up really weird in scans.  I love the back in general though, Fleer always did backs well.  The stats look really sharp and are very complete, and then the write up gives you a lot of information.  As an added bonus this set apparently came out after preseason or regular season started, so they get to add that Stith was already returning kicks for the Jaguars.

I absolutely love this card.  It's kind of fun to get duals, triples, and quads in my more obscure collections.  I also just like the looks of 2000 Upper Deck Vintage, the colors really pop as I already saw on the Michael Bishop I have from the set.  A nice added bonus on this is the serial # being on the front on Stith's picture - I just think it brings out Stith on what is otherwise a shared card.
Here's another card that allowed the company to write about in-season happenings, as it cites Stith's joining the RB rotation along with accomplishments by the other guys.  Speaking of the other guys, Soward's NFL story is a sad one, as it consists of 14 catches in 13 games during his one NFL season.  Soward had problems with alcoholism that led to several NFL suspensions, and he ended up dropping out of the NFL to work on those issues.  It sounds like he's doing a lot better today, which is very good to hear!  As for Slaughter, he spent an unremarkable three years (with 26 starts) in Jacksonville before bouncing around the league to Baltimore, Green Bay, New Orleans, San Francisco, and New England.  He probably had the largest impact on the Jaguars as a team, but by and large none of these draft picks worked out too well in Jacksonville.

This is probably the neatest looking insert of all the inserts in this group.  It's a Playoff Momentum X's, and man is it die cut.  And colorful, sort of like Christmas haha.
I love the back here - has some nice foil numbering, still good color, and then the write up carries high praise for Shyrone Stith, comparing him in a way to Emmitt Smith.  Stith never quite lived up to those expecations, but it's cool that Playoff thought so highly of Stith to make such a comparison!

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