Sunday, March 2, 2014

Taking somebody's virginity doesn't always have to be awkward

We all start with no experience.  Going out into the world, hoping to hook up with somebody, navigating best we can despite our inexperience.  Sometimes things go badly, other times they work out.  It helps when the person we find is rather experienced themselves, and in this case due to my wealth of experience I was able to smoothly guide a Blowout Forums user through his first online sale.

The guy came to me, and offered me a Chargers patch card.  

Only issue was he didn't know how to send a picture, so he asked if he could email it.  I said fine, got the picture, it was awesome, and said I was interested.  

Only issue was he had no feedback.  So I asked if he had any more sites he used.  He said sure, Ebay.

Only issue was all his feedback was as a buyer...he had never sold.  But I said okay...let's do this.

Only issue was he wanted me to pay concealed cash because he didn't have a Paypal.  So I got wary...and he made himself a Paypal.

Only issue is he didn't know how to use I walked him through that.  And finally we were good to go.

For a first timer this guy definitely took all the precautions, double bagged it and everything!  And I gotta say, it was good for me too:
The one Chargers quad I got a little while back featured okay players...this one features legends.  You've got Doug Flutie first of all, who has a NICE two color patch and obviously had a fantastic career.  It took him all over the place, from a Heisman win to the USFL to the NFL to the CFL and then back to the NFL.  Most people remember him as a Patriot or a Bill, but Flutie did quarterback the Chargers for a bit while they were still grooming Drew Brees.  It wasn't a very successful grooming in terms of team success - half of Flutie's career losses came with San Diego -  but you have to think it helped Brees to have Flutie as a mentor.

As for Brees, what is there to say?  The guy went from an injured throwaway to the savior or New Orleans.  He's also my wife's favorite player, thanks chiefly to Ellen, so that's always neat.

The Seau patch on this card is one of those patches that a scan doesn't truly capture.  It's not white jersey, it's pure white patch, from a number or a letter or a lighting bolt or something.  And.  It's.  Awesome.  Adds a touch of class to this card which I love.

As for Seau, he himself was a classy guy during those playing days.  Obviously now everyone remembers him for the way his life ended, but it's hard to forget the man who made 12 straight Pro Bowls with the Chargers (actually every year but his rookie year was a Pro Bowl year in San Diego, he never made it with the Dolphins or Patriots).  A model of consistency and a monster on the field, the NFL definitely lost a great asset when Seau passed a while back.

The last guy on this card, LaDainian Tomlinson, is no chump himself.  1st all time in touchdowns in one season, 2nd all time in total touchdowns, 5th all time in rushing yards - the new LT was quite the show.  What's craziest is that in his 9 year career with the Chargers he only missed three games (141 games total, all starts), which is unheard of in today's NFL.  Truly an iron horse, especially considering he averaged another 58+ receptions per year including 100 receptions in 2003.  That's a LOT of touches for a guy and it's remarkable that Tomlinson stayed productive through it all.

Who wins the card?  You really can't go wrong, Flutie has good stories, Brees is still breaking records, LT broke all the records, and Seau was a legend too.  I'm picking LT, because any guy who can make a legendary nickname his own is pretty fantastic.


  1. Glad to see you broke another one in. That card is awesome! 4 huge names... and 3 hands down HOFers.

  2. Lol me too. And thanks, this is definitely one of my favorites so far! Two real nice patches and as you said huge names, definitely one of the best cards.