Saturday, April 5, 2014

Lemme upgrade you, Partner let me upgrade you

Sometimes you have a card you just need to

And when I do, I always reference Beyonce Knowles.  It's just how I like to do it.

In the continuing saga of "man what do I collect of Seneca Wallace when all the stuff to collect is gone," I once again decided to upgrade the patch on one of his lower end jersey cards.  Now with a lot of lower end jersey cards, whether numbered or not, it feels like the variety is very limited.  You might get a white jersey piece, you might get an alternative color jersey piece, and that's about it (though in baseball you could maybe get a pants stripe - OOO).  I am starting to realize though that, oftentimes, even if 99% of a run is one colored jersey pieces, a 2+ color might work its way in there.  I know I found a (barely) 3 color patch in Seneca's mostly one color Rookies and Stars jersey /550 and then I found a (beautiful) 3 color jersey piece in Seneca's sometimes 2 color but typically one color Fleer Platinum non numbered jersey set.  So the color variations are out there - they just take some looking to find sometimes.

Well I found another one.  Doing my regular Seneca Wallace search on Ebay, this baby popped up, and given the clear break in color from your typical all blue or all white jersey piece, it had to be mine:
Ain't it purty?  I've literally never seen another 2 color in this card, the /1250 "base" jersey from 2003 LCM.  I love how even of a break it is too, pretty much half white and half blue. Beautiful colors.

I'll show off the back too per the usual:
The serial numbering on this is really cool...I like how it just missed being an "Ebay 1/1" (lol).  I also can't help but notice the chipping, especially on the left's like somebody took an exacto knife to the card haha.  But the front looks good, the patch looks amazing, and the numbering is neat, so as usual I don't care that this card isn't a PSA 10.  I think it's a beautiful add to the Seneca Collection!


  1. Technically it is an eBay 1 of 1... there's only one copy serial numbered 1,249 ;-)