Saturday, April 19, 2014

Shyrone Stiths from Blowout

It's always a joy when you get a random message asking if you need a certain card.  Even better when you get two such messages from different guys within minutes of each other, as was the case with today's three Shyrone Stith cards.  One guy offered his one card for the price of shipping, the other said if I was okay with PWE I could have his cards for free.  I was fine with both situations and my Stith collection is now three cards stronger for it!

I forget which one was the single card, so I'm just going to show them all off together.  The first card is the Draft edition of Stith's Fleer Focus card, which is /737:
This card looks a lot like the non-parallel version, as the only real difference is the addition of the words "Draft Position" in the lower left.  In general though, a nice front, with an image of Stith that really pops against the background.
The back is similarly the same aside from the "Draft Position" wording around the card number and a different color used to for the serial numbering.  I love the description of Stith as a "cannon ball runner" though, that's a pretty sweet term for him.

The next card is Stith's base Fleer Mystique card, which is numbered on the front to 2000:
Pretty nice little simple design on the front.  I always found the big square serial numberings to be kind of intense...though I do like them.
Here's the back, with a nice little write up of Stith's Hokie past (including that he was one of four all-time Hokies of the time with 13+ TD in a season) and a nice pic of Stith's excellent corn rows.

This final card looks gorgeous in person, it really shines in the light pretty excellently.  That doesn't always carry over in scans though, and this is one of those times.  So just trust me lol:
I just love the designs on this card, so cool looking.  It's Stith's Edge Odyssey card, and it's #'d /999.
Here's the back, which is super futuristic looking in a weird way.  I also love the idea of how Stith is "height challenged" especially since they had to put it in quotes.  I mean he was, so the card is being honest, just an interesting way to put it!

Thanks to the Blowout community for another three great cards for my Stith collection!

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