Sunday, April 27, 2014

Sorry for the inconsistent posting...again! Here's what I've been up to regarding cards!)

At times I post constantly and get a few posts in a week, at other times life catches up with me and the posts run dry.  Eventually I'll get back to more regular posts (and I hope to get the GSNHOF up and running again this Summer, which is only 6 short weeks away) but for now here's a quick recap of things I'm doing right now and things to come!

- The big thing has been COMC.  If you guys don't follow their site, they were partnered with Beckett and were using Beckett's checklist as their site's checklist (as most sites do).  Well Beckett tried to buy them out and COMC turned down their offer, and Beckett responded by pulling out of their partnership and suing COMC on some shady grounds.  COMC is countersuing and they're basically the good guys in this case.  

The cool part of all this was Beckett said COMC couldn't use their checklist COMC, partly in house and partly via crowd sourcing, has been making their own checklist from scratch.  It started rough...lots of cards on the site had no signifying information and the search function was nearly impossible to run as a result, but now almost a month later the site is looking much better and things are closer to normal.  When it's all said and done the new COMC checklist should be bigger and better than anything Beckett's ever was, which is a great thing.  

I've been doing challenges like crazy to help them catch up, especially since there's a store credit incentive tied in.  With those credits I bought a few cards to "flip" and along with cards I sent in previously I now have over 100 cards on the site - feel free to check them out if you feel like buying anything on a lazy Sunday.

- Cards, I have bought a few!  I have 15 cards waiting for me on COMC...they're offering free shipping on orders of 20+ cards this week so I'm waiting til I find 5 more cards to buy.  There are some really nice Heads Up Quads patches in that lot!  I also won a Shyrone Stith lot on Ebay that should be here soon, as well as some cool Shyrone Stith goodies that people send me for the price of shipping.  My Stith collection has really been coming along lately, which is fantastic!

And that's about it for me in card land right now.  Otherwise just teaching all day and playing fantasy baseball all night - Chris Colabello is my homeboy!


  1. Didn't realize that COMC and Beckett were in a legal battle. I've stayed away from COMC for the past month or so, because the site was pretty crazy. But now that I have a clearer picture, I'll definitely join Team COMC.

  2. Yeah it all happened kind of suddenly and unless you've been on the Blowout Forums where it's been discussed a lot it's hard to keep up with it all. But the website is getting a lot better lately, I can't wait til the data is near complete and everything is back to semi-normal! I've been covering progress based on how many Seneca Wallaces are searchable. There was like 110 distinct cards on the site...that became 0 when the site lost the checklist. Since then it was 3 for a week, then 9, then in the 20's, then in the 40's, and finally now we're in the 70's! Good progress for sure which I'm loving, and my sales have picked up too so that's excellent.