Saturday, May 3, 2014

A fantastic Stith auto from a guy's first post on Blowout

How did you use your first blog post?  First Facebook post?  First AIM away message (what's up 2000)?  Everyone has their own way of introducing themselves when they join something new, some people might start with a more formal hello while others just hit the ground running.  Well in this situation, a guy used his post on Blowout to post in my Shyrone Stith thread, saying he had a /50 autograph I needed and wondering if I needed it.  Was I interested?  WAS I EVER!

We chatted back and forth a bit after coming to a price fairly quickly.  I helped him learn some site stuff, helped him learn some Paypal stuff, shipping was all very educational.  Then he told me he'd throw in some Patriots for me and sent the goodies on my way!  Can't complain about the transaction at all, and I'm very happy to be his first feedback.

But I'm even happier with the amazing auto:
I already grabbed the "base" preview auto on COMC about a month ago, and it's nice but this card just shines so much brighter.  I mean look at that scan.  And it looks even better in person.  And the base auto is dead sexy in its own right.  Here's the back:
Pretty much the exact same aside from the  numbering.  But ahhhh, that numbering.  So darn low.  I'm a sucker for a stamped on serial number.

So he said he has a bunch of boxes of turn of the century stuff (and a little more recent) sitting around and asked if I collected any teams, I told him sometimes Patriots since sometimes I'll grab Pats stuff on a whim since they're my true #1 team (sorry Brownies, I definitely love you too though).  So he sent me a bunch of Pats cards, including a ton of Tom Bradys that will probably go to Dennis someday, and these five cards I particularly liked:
It feels like the seller sent a million Laurence Maroney rookies, but the best is definitely the BGS 10 Score rookie.  Now I'm not Beckett's biggest fan given the whole COMC-Beckett thing going down right now, but I'm never going to shy away from my first BGS 10 grade, especially of a Patriot!  The other three cards I posted here are an Andre Carter Pats card, a Topps Total trio featuring Matt Cassel in his better days, and then a Stevan Ridley RC from 2011 Topps Legends.  All good stuff, and much appreciated as well.

In the end I'm just happy to have cemented another guy's return to the hobby with his first Blowout transaction - and I'm especially happy with my new fancy Stith auto!

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