Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Freebie Goodies from Blowout

So I "bump" (posting about every 24 hours to move a thread back to the top) all the collecting threads I have on Blowout, which are five total, one for each guy/set I collect.  A lot of times this results in like 20-30 straight posts by me that say bummmmmmmp or ................ or lalalalalalalala, which at times seems somewhat pointless and makes me wonder why I do it daily.  But then someone mentions they have some cards I need and all of a sudden all the randomness is worth it!
Today's one-card post was one such time, as a guy recently posted simply saying "Hey I have some Stiths, give me your address and they're yours."  Doesn't get any easier than that!  A few days later I have four Shyrone Stith cards, two I owned and then two copies of this one card I needed, Stith's 2000 Donruss Elite /2000:
I love Donruss Elite, so this is a great add to my collection.  Really if every card in the world was either Donruss Elite or Leaf Certified, I'd be a happy guy.  I have the /62 parallel of this which is die cut, but I like the squared version as well, the background effects are pretty righteous.
Here's the back, your /2000 numbering and the fact that it's square are the only real differences from the /62 version.  I can dig it though...still cracks me up every time to see how short Stith is.  Good on him giving the NFL a go for us short dudes!

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