Friday, May 9, 2014

Ahhh Ebay I missed thee

So I used to collect Fred McGriff cards.  It seems like forever ago now, but before I decided 2300+ cards was way too many for my hoarding tendancies, I collect the Crime Dog.  One of the best parts of that collection was the Ebay lot - you know what I mean, that guy who, instead of selling his cards individually, groups them into some random lot based on the player or team or set or whatever.  Some of the cards you need, some of the cards you don't, and the end decision on whether or not you buy that lot solely depends on how many you actually need.  I bought a ton of these lots with Fred McGriff, I bought a few with Seneca Wallace in my early days, and I really haven't had a chance to buy any since.  Which is sad, because I love these lots!

Well lucky for me, a Shyrone Stith 8 card lot popped up on Ebay recently!  I thought I needed 6 of the 8 cards, but once I scanned the cards I realized I actually had 3 of them so I only actually needed 5.  The price, however, was still, as they say, right.  So I'm glad I pulled the trigger, as these five cards likely would've set me back quite a bit more were they not all sold as one lot!

The first card is Stith's Sage Red autograph, /999.  I know Sage gets a lot of crap for their sticker autos and college uniforms, but for my money their color autographs are always one of my favorite sets to collect, and that's no different with Stith:
The red works very well with the Virginia Tech uniform, and as is typical with these stickers the card looks a million times better in person.  The autograph is a very nice blue but on a scanner it just looks like pfffffft.
Here's the back, which is like the Bronze one BUT RED!  For the record, the 6th card I thought I needed was the Bronze autograph, but then I realized I already had one.  So now I have that autograph and another autograph that came in this lot (Stith's Contenders autograph) both on my trade bait page.  Lovely!

There was a third hit in the lot too - my first jersey card of Shyrone Stith, his Pacific Invincible Red /750:
This jersey set is REALLY weird.  Pacific Invincible had like 6 parallels in 2001, and a lot were quite rare, but only one of them was a jersey card.  So you could just call this like Pacific Invincible Authentics, or Pacific Invincible Swatches, or something jersey related.  Instead they called it Pacific Invincible RED. is red in color...but there's also a game worn jersey piece...does that mean nothing?
Nice back here though, and it's also my first 2001 card thus far.  Stith, kind of like Seneca Wallace, has a buttload of rookie year cards and then a small smattering of cards in future years.  So I'm sure I'll complete Stith's 2001 stuff before long, especially since there's no 1/1's in that year.

Next we have...purple:
Stith does not look like he'll hold on to that what a weird picture.  I'll also add that the background here is super distracting.  Someone posted recently on Blowout that some sets have backgrounds that totally take away from a card and make you say WTF.  Usually I disagree, but with this one...I think I get it.  Although the weirdest part is the position written out on the right side of the card...barely readable even in person lol.
Same picture on the back, but with a nice little writeup too.  It's at this point that I notice that the color purple and the Jaguars logo do not work together in any way, shape or form.  Not even a little.  Interesting.

Gotta move on from that card...time for a SWEET LEAF CERTIFIED DIE CUT!
Man, how good is that?  I've said it before and I'll say it again, I freaking loved Leaf Certified back in the day, and I wish it was still around in its Leaf version.  And this is the base version!  It's /1000 and it's a very nifty die cut.  It also needs rescanned someday, as I got some cat hair on this one lol.
Here's the back, and this is a good time to point out that I finally figured out how to get cards to scan individually.  I used to scan sheets of 9 cards and I would then have to crop them one by one because they just showed up as a page.  Now they individualize for me...but on this one it cut off too much.  So the back needs rescanned too.  It's me an excuse to admire this beautiful card again.  I mean I even like the way they inlaid ROO in the 000 of 2000.  Super cool Leaf, well done.

The final card looks cool but is even better in's a Collector's Edge "EG" card:
In person there are like 5 or 6 distinct gold rectangles across the card, which make a really cool effect.  After scanning you can see maybe one or two of those lines.  Suffice it to say, they look amazing in person.  I'll also add that this looks like another catch Stith maybe would've dropped.  I'm beginning to question his receiving skills out of the backfield based only on his cardboard.
Here's the back.  Kind of weird, the front looks like something maybe higher end, and so does the top third of this card, but that white box and the empty space is just something I always immediately associate with Collector's Edge.  This card also holds the highest praise I've ever seen for Stith, claiming that he reminded college football fans of Barry Sanders.  That's for you Shyrone Stith...if I were you I'd want that on my epitaph.  I still might want that as my epitaph even though I never played college football, that's how awesome it is to be mentioned in the same breath as Barry Sanders.


  1. Thanks anonymous! Are there any typos in this one? I know I definitely do miss typos at times!

  2. Lol... I'm a teacher, butt it wouldn't bee won of my posts without at least three or for mistakes.

  3. Hey, I'm pretty sure I got a McGriff minor league card from you on Listia a year or two ago.. Funny to find your blog and see a McGriff mention. :)

  4. Awesome man, and yeah that was probably me. I used to supercollect McGriff and had hundreds of his cards...ahh those were the days lol.