Sunday, May 25, 2014

The Late Great COMC Purchase - Stiths and Smarts

Time to show off some other players from my big ol' COMC purchase.  This post features all of the cards I picked up of Shyrone Stith, plus the only card I grabbed of Rod Smart.  All great additions to the collection as always.

The first card is actually the one that got this whole shebang started.  I typically search recently added cards pretty regularly on COMC, and I noticed this parallel /75 popped up at $1.50.  A few days later that seller has a 50% off sale, so the $1.50 card was now a $0.75 card.  /75 PC parallel for $0.75?  I'd buy that everyday!
The front is like the base card, but with a blue tint and the serial numbering on the bottom right.  Another Hokie collector has most of the color variations in this set and showed me how they look all together - I'm pretty excited to collect 'em all myself!
The back is a nice little writeup, and I like the added fact about how Stith was the first true freshman in school history to debut with a 100 yard game.  That's pretty impressive.

This next card is just wild:
Collector's Edge Masters, with swirls all over the place.  I think this is an image of Stith setting up for a kick return, but it looks like he's pondering his existence in some weird 4D 1980's movie world.  I dig it.
The back is similarly crazy.  It mentions his solid kick return abilities with a 28.6 yard per return average over 6 games.  Stith definitely had a less impressive second half of the year, with only 21.2 yards per return from game 7 onwards.

I LOVE this next card.  It's from NFL Showdown, and the whole Showdown series is one of my favorites due to the fact that my brothers and I played the MLB version as kids:
It's just such a good oddball card.  Some stats for use in the game (surprised they have Stith listed as that fast since he seemed like more of a power guy), nicely placed image, and then a weird scanny thing for use...somehow.  Just a great card.  I think I'd like to get a Seneca Wallace custom card done in this way someday, that's be cool.
The back is pretty simple, nice little card deck appearance.  Looks like people didn't use this Stith card a lot for the game since it's in great shape.  If I ever make that Seneca custom I'll have to field a whole team (I see Robert Edwards and Jake Schifino have cards in the set as the well, so I'd already be off to a great team!).

I decided to finally grab Stith's Quantum Leaf base card, it's almost as trippy as the Masters card above:
This one is like a black hole of 2000 Rookie-ness, with Stith trying to carry the football away from the abyss.  Looks like he's doing okay, probably thanks to the 16 speed from that Showdown card.
The back's pretty simple, lots of vitals and a little write up.  I love the ending though, "where only the tough runners dare to roam."  Stith might win for best write ups on his cards among my PC guys.  Goodness knows Seneca never got a lot of hype!

Rounding out the Stiths is this Press Pass reflectors parallel, which is /500:
Very similar to the Press Pass base, but with shininess attached, which is always a good touch.  I actually really dig this parallel, it's amazing how nice a little sheen can make an otherwise meh card look.
The back is just like the Press Pass base, but it's /500.  So that's a nice touch.

And finally we come to Rod Smart.  I had his base Fleer Tradition card, which has a red border, as well as the green bordered version.  This is the blue version, and it goes very nicely with the Panthers team colors:
See?  Perfectly done Fleer, great color combination there.
The back is nice too, and would really work well if Western Kentucky's colors were blue like Kentucky.  They're not, they're red, but hey, it still looks nice, so I'll take it!

Everything else I got from COMC are Heads Up Quad prepare for some of those write-ups in the coming days!

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