Friday, June 13, 2014

Back to COMC...the third coolest Quad patch card I got in that crazy package

I was doing a countdown of coolest quad patches received, and then I kind of got away from it.  Now that I'm back I'm gonna finish it off.'s number three:
Jake Plummer and David Boston.  This is their second appearance on the countdown, as they were also both on the Cardinals team quad.  That article can be found here.  Short version: Plummer played 10 years in the NFL at a fairly successful level, Boston flamed out in 6 years despite tremendous potential coming into the league.
And here's the back.  The back is definitely the draw to this card for me, for obvious reasons.  Corey Dillon, who's the guy with the nice striped patch here, had an excellent 10 year career split between the Bengals and the Patriots.  He was actually a 2nd round pick (42nd overall) in 1997, which surprised me.  Unsurprisingly he outgained and out touchdowned all the running backs drafted in front of him (Warrick Dunn, Tiki Barker, Antowain Smith, Byron Hanspard) as well as Duce Staley, who was picked in the middle of the third round.  Some true diamonds in the rough in that class I guess.

Anyways, Dillon made four Pro Bowls and was pretty much the face of the franchise until he left in 2004 after his first sub-1,000 yard season.  Though Dillon had lost some quickness, he still had the same punch, and he finished his career with three straight 10+ touchdown seasons for the Patriots and a Super Bowl win.  For a guy 17th all time in rushing yards and 34th all time in touchdowns, he sure seems underrated to me!

Peter Warrick was NOT missed on draft day, as his college exploits led to the Bengals drafting him 4th overall in the year 2000.  Big things were expected from Warrick, but he was just never that explosive on the main stage.  His first three seasons were decent. and his fourth was actually his career best, but then he got hurt and lost his job to T.J. Houshmandzadeh.  Warrick spent a year with the Seahawks and was actually their Punt Returned in the Super Bowl that year, but following the season he was cut from the NFL and would never come back.  He has played in a bunch of various leagues since then, though he didn't play a single game for his most recently associated Cincinnati based semi-pro team.

Who wins the card?  Corey Dillon, easily IMHO.

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