Wednesday, June 11, 2014

BOOM! A huge Seneca Wallace get, and my first in a while

I check Ebay for Seneca Wallace pretty much everyday.  It used to be several times a day, plus COMC, plus Beckett Marketplace, plus Sportlots, plus Amazon, but with time my searching is now limited to just one site once a day.  Otherwise ain't nobody got time for that.

I see a lot of the same stuff day after day, same sellers, same prices, nothing I need.  So you can imagine my excitement when something I actually needed /25 popped up with a $0.99 starting bid.  I figured I might get it cheaply as a result, but a mini little bidding war ensued.  The last version of this card I saw went for like $15 shipped...I wasn't going to lose this one and managed it right around $20:
Per the usual with Sage stickers, this scans horribly.  But it's 9/25 and looks fantastic in person.  It is funny how the sticker cuts off the last attribute word though...some shoddy design there lol.

The back is even neater IMHO:
This is my first card signed on the back, and it's a verification signature Thomas Geideman os Sage.  I never realized that signature was part of this card design...but it's a pretty amazing part!  I also love the way the auto version explains some of the traits that Seneca's signature shows.  Conscientiousness, Good Judgment, Honesty, and Carefulness.  I think his career definitely speaks towards 1 and 3 with the charity stuff he's done for the former and bluntness he showed in Cleveland displaying the latter.  4 used to be very true given his low turnover rate, but as Seneca has aged he's become more turnover prone.  2...hard to say since he can be checkdown/ball out of bounds friendly these days.

Regardless, it's pretty sweet having a card that analyzes my PC players signature, and to have it be a double signature card at that.  This is by far one of my favorite Seneca autos now, so I'm glad something new popped up on Ebay!

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