Saturday, August 23, 2014

Saturday (Non-) Buyer Recap: AKA some ones that got away, plus some Seneca Wish List stuff

I still didn't buy anything this week, but I did make some offers on Ebay...they just weren't enough.  I figured I'd show the ones that got away here - you guys are welcome to critique or whatever!

The first auction is a random 11 card auto/jersey lot that I found while looking for Seneca Wallace cards.

At a $0.99 starting big and $2.99 shipping, I figured it could be good for a COMC flip.  But once someone else bid I was out.  There was some room for profit, but not thaaaat much room.

I also was very tempted this week by a two card lot of Thaddeus Lewis Sage Gold autos /250.  

I LOVE Thaddeus Lewis...but I already have one of these on COMC and it hasn't sold.  So why would I need two more, even if the final cost was under $3 shipped?  I dunno...but I passed.

Finally we have a Peyton Manning two card jersey lot that included his Colts Heads Up Quad.

This was definitely the hardest lot to pass on, because the quad is one of the more expensive in the set, AND the other jersey card isn't even on COMC and has sold before for $7+.  But I'm still a little cash dry until I first get paid on September 10th, so once this neared (and crossed) the $10 threshold I was out.  Too bad, so sad.

Now we come to the wishlist part of this post, aka stuff I wish had popped up in two weeks so I felt like I had more money to buy it!  We'll see if I pull the trigger anyway in ensuing weeks.

Both pieces today are Seneca Wallace memorabilia, i.e. of the non-card variety.  Check these puppies out:

The jersey is Corinthian made (i.e. not authentic) and runs $34.99 plus $9.95 shipping.  

The pants are game issued (worn maybe) from 2006 and run $29.99 plus $10 shipping.

So basically for under $100 I could have a full set of memorabilia!  It's tempting a little bit, moreso the pants, but I never have any idea what I'd actually do with them.  I think you're supposed to frame them...maybe throw them on a mannequin or something...but I doubt I could ever explain to my wife why I needed to spend $40 on someone else's used pants.  And I have a Seneca Browns jersey so I'm covered on top.  That being said...both added to the wishlist in case of a sudden windfall or something equally crazy!

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