Sunday, August 24, 2014

Sunday Seller Recap - Making bank last minute

This week's sales were plodding along for the majority of the week, so I posted a forum on Blowout saying I was hoping to make one sale to at least break even.  Next thing I knew I was well in the green, which made me all:

What a week it was for COMC!

COMC Weekly Stats
Cards Sold in the last week: 97
Total money earned from those sales: 32.39
Profit made on those sales (sale cost-initial cost of purchase): 7.75
Cards bought in the last week: 58
Total price paid for those cards: 21.49
Total net credit for the week (Total money earned - Total price paid): 10.90
Net Credit since I began this blog segment: $24.68
Most Recent Sale: 2012 Bowman Hunter Pence Blue Border /500 (Bought for 10 cents, sold for 15 cents)

I was basically sitting at even numbers with a day left - about $15 in sales, maybe.  But I posted that thread and people came running - made lots of good prospect sales, auto sales, sold all my highest profits of the week - it was awesome.  I even made enough to buy some stuff from Ajax1723, who is accepting all offers (even 50% off) through midnight tonight.  So I got a ton of good stuff to resell, and if you guys are interested in flipping or just finding stuff for your collection, I advise you check him out and make some offers!

Best Sales of the Week
3rd most profit: My third most profit spot is a tie.  I bought a Wade Townsend (misnamed Wayne Tolleson, but it doesn't really matter) auto for 10 cents from Ooosh that sold for 40 cents, and a Kevin Boss auto for 60 cents that later sold for 90.  In the end, both sold at a 30 cent profit.

2nd most profit: My 2nd biggest profit is actually my first sale of a focus card!  I bought that Scott Milanovich XFL relic thinking I could make some coin on it, and I did.  Purchased at $1.50, sold at $2, for a 50 cent profit!

Most profit made on a single card: My biggest sale of the week is one of my best profits yet.  Earlier this week I bought a David DeCastro auto, #'d 1/49, for just $1.19.  I figured it'd do well - he's a decent active Steeler with few autographs to his name, and this one was numbered 1/xx, which doesn't mean much to me, but does mean much to some.

I figured I'd accept an offer on it or something, but instead someone bought it at my price of $4.50, leading to a profit of $3.31.  So definitely a good find with this card!

How did last week's focus cards do?
Last week I mentioned the Milanovich card (which sold) along with a Ricky Stanzi auto and a Doug Martin auto.  I figured I'd have to wait on the Stanzi and the Martin, and that has proven true as they still sit in my port.  I haven't sold any of my other focus cards yet either...but again that's mostly because they're cards that take time to flip.

The only exception are my Thaddeus Lewis autos - he's losing the battle for Bills backup QB and might get cut, which means those cards could end up becoming losses unless they end up in my PC.  I thought Lewis had a chance for a while, but Jeff Tuel has looked a lot better, and Lewis didn't even play in the Bills' most recent preseason game, which does not bode well at all.

Focus cards for this week
I mentioned that I bought a few cards from AJax this week, and so I figured I'd use a few of those as my focus cards this week.  My main stuff I bought from him was prospect focused - first a nice auto of a Fangraphs favorite that I snatched up very cheap.
I don't know how many of you guys know about Jace Peterson, but he's hitting .269/.377/.438 at AAA for the Padres this year.  Granted it's in the PCL, so those numbers are inflated a bit, but it's not like Jedd Gyorko and Everth Cabrera aren't surpassable with a little more seasoning for Peterson.

I also grabbed a Giovani Bernard cards, as I expect him to have a HUGE year in Cincinnati.

And then two Francisco Lindor cards - odds are he'll be a September call up for the Indians and then a probable SS starter in 2015, so these cards could see an uptick in sales price.  The blue is /500.

I'll throw one last focus card in here too.  AJax had a Keenan Allen RC for sale at a price that looked decent to me.  I looked to see what other cards like it priced like, and found most close but then the lowest priced card was at 25 cents.  That's an easy buy at that price, and while I now have it over $2 (still lowest on the site), I expect to get something in the 50-75 cent range when it's all said and done.

COMC Overall Stats
Current Cards for Sale: 170 total, 140 distinct
Total Asking Price: $228.53
Total SRP (their version of Book Value): $561.00 (130 cards still need to be priced)
August 2014 Sales: 414 cards for $110.01
2014 in general: 2,739 cards for $837.82

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