Sunday, September 7, 2014

Sunday Seller Recap - something for Night Owl and Dodger fans!

COMC Weekly Stats
Cards Sold in the last week: 82
Total money earned from those sales: 62.47
Profit made on those sales (sale cost-initial cost of purchase): 5.71
Cards bought in the last week: 87
Total price paid for those cards: 85.08
Total net credit for the week (Total money earned - Total price paid): -22.61
Net Credit since I began this blog segment: $49.46
Most Recent Sale: 2013 Chrome Francisco Liriano, bought for 11 cents, sold for 12 cents

A decent net loss this week, but that always happens after a port sale - you then have to spend money to refill the port!  I bought a lot of big ticket items this week and already sold a few, so hopefully when even more sell I'll end up with some nice profits!

Best Sales of the Week
3rd most profit: Bought a bunch of autos for 50 cents recently.  This Olsen was one of them, and it sold this morning for a cool $1.20.  70 cents in profit!

2nd most profit: I took a chance on some pricey cards this week, one of which was a Giancarlo Stanton Auto at $22.28.  I noticed that one guy had like 12 of them all $15 higher, so I messaged him about buying mine and he agreed to for $23.75.  So a $1.47 profit!

Most profit made on a single card: The winner of the week is definitely a Derek Jeter RC I bought though.  I got it for $7.50 in a sale, it sold for $9.21.  All told, a $1.71 profit.

How did last week's focus cards do?
I sold them all except one Soler.  Only about 20 cents in profit, which is okay but no great shakes.  Hopefully the other Soler gets me a little more.

Focus cards for this week
I spent way too much on this Don Sutton auto /10...but I think it's beautiful

And I grabbed a few Andre Ellington Score RCs.  He's banged up this week but in the future I expect big things

COMC Overall Stats
Current Cards for Sale: 109 cards, 100 distinct
Total Asking Price: $144.05
Total SRP (their version of Book Value): $107.00 (72 cards still need to be priced)
September 2014 Sales: 58 cards for $37.49
2014 in general: 3,002 cards for $975.94

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