Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Tis the season for Shyrone Stith cards (the 3rd of 4 COMC posts)

So I showed off a Seneca from Ebay, and then the randomness from COMC and my Rod Smart from COMC.  You can rightfully assume that there were no Seneca Wallaces that I needed on COMC (there never are...*sniff sniff*), so that leaves Quad Jersey pick ups and Shyrone Stith pick ups.

Today I feature the Stiths...and HOLY COW are there a ton of them.  I think I count 22 in all.

So in no particular order...
I love these Crown Die Cut cards now that I am an adult.  As a kid I hated them - it was way too easy to ding them up and "ruin" the card.  But now the alternate shape is pretty neat.  This one is the Dract Picks version /499.

Next is a gorgeous card from eX:
Yes it is semi-translucent, and it is also /1500.  Remember when I used to collect translucent cards and serial #'d cards?  That seems so long ago, but I still do appreciate getting both of those features on a single card.

A graded card...that is not in its shell:
The encased versions were always pricier, and I pull stuff out of cases anyways to binder them, so I decided to just buy this guy already freed.  It is out of /1325, and is a reminder of how nice a limited edition subset can look when done right (even if it does have all those wacky futuristic squares and junk).

A slightly crooked sampling of "Greats of the Game:"
Kind of a weird set name - you're labeling rookies and so-so vets as greats, which is so far from true.  But /1500, a nice looking card, and I love the little write-up on the left about James Stewart being gone and Fred Taylor looking injury prone.  It turned out Taylor shed that label in ensuing years, but I can definitely remember when it seemed like injuries were never gonna led poor Fred live up to his potential.

Here is a card from 2001, a rarity for Stith cards since the bulk (like 90%) are from 2000:
I grabbed the /55 premiere date version of this pretty recently...this is just a parallel /1000.

This guy is /500, and looks dangerously similar to a few Private Stock cards you will see below, minus the green tint.

This one is one of my favorites, from Playoff Prestige:
Prestige always makes a pretty nice looking card, and this one is /2500.  I have mentioned before that I also love when they show draft picks on the back - I recognize a few of these names but who the heck is Joey Chustz?

Here is (are) the Private Stock cards I mentioned.  The backs are so much like the Omega, but the stock is...private-r:
/650 numbered on the back, /95 (premiere date) numbered on the front.  Both really nice looking cards - they do feel slightly higher end than your typical Pacific entry (not that that is hard to do lol).

Finally we get some Rookies and stars, a set I always love!
This is a little before they did the jersey cards with all the cutout windows, but I love the /1000 numbering, and I just always have dug that Rookies and Stars logo.  Decent little writeup too.

Here we have a fancy schmancy auto:
This guy is /50, the platinum edition.  The shine on the scanner is weird, but in person this card looks amazing!  I got it pretty cheap for a /50 auto as well, which is never a bad thing!

Here's another card I came to love - the Score Scorecard edition:
This one is just /2000, but I think it looks fantastic, albeit with a weird pic of a football on the back.  Score still does Scorecard cards, and the print runs can get REAL low (like /6, /10, /20) but the prices are always love as well.  I know people hate artificial scarcity, but I really dig some of the looks of these cards so I am always surprised they don't command more of a premium.

Speaking of commanding a premium, here is Stith's base SPX card from 2000, which always tends to be a higher end set:
It is /1350, and oh so golden.  The /25 version has been on Ebay, but the guy wants $9.99 for it, and I don't think it's even worth that much personally.  Maybe I will spring for it eventually though.

Next we have a few Fleer Tradition autos.  These two actually finish off my set, as I recently grabbed the rarest one, which was /50:
Just a great looking card, and you really can't beat an on-card auto like that!

The last auto of the post comes from Sage Hit, and I believe it is the Emerald version:
There is an Emerald, Emerald Die Cut, Diamond, and Diamond Die Cut.  They don't label them, so it is always hard to tell the difference, but I would say this is Emerald based on coloring at least.

Here's a nice little Fleer Focus card to go with the /750 I already have:
This one is the "base" version, /2499.

Then we have the only jersey card of this post...I have been waiting for a patch but this was so cheap and patch-ish that I had to grab it:
The white piece is thicker than your normal piece, so I like to think it came from something patch-y, even though it looks fairly regular.

Here we have a dual with Rondell Mealey of the Packers:
Mealey, like Stith, was a free agency fixture in Madden '04.  He was ranked a bit higher though, likely due to his two career TD's in three seasons with Green Bay (2000-2002).

Last three cards, and the first two are similar.  They are both from the MVP set, a personal favorite of mine as well, with one being the Silver Script edition:
I actually busted a ton of late 90's MVP baseball as a kid, as the nice stock and decent write-ups really appealed to me back then.  It also reminds me of the look of the Major League Lacrosse cards that came out around that time - I would not be surprised if the MLL was inspired by these simple but stunning cards for their inaugural (and really only ever) set.

Last but not least, a Fleer Mystique Gold card:
I know it is Gold because it says so under the numbering.  Thank you Fleer for doing this back in 2000 - why can't more card sets do this?


  1. If you ever decide not to collect Stith, please let me know. Those cards are awesome. Especially love the first one. The VT helmet is beautiful.