Monday, December 22, 2014

Keepin' 'em comin' - Some random adds from that most recent COMC purchase

So the best/worst thing about COMC is that, when it is one bulk shipping cost across a bunch of sellers, I become tempted to buy A TON of stuff that doesn't fit a true PC of mine.  Outside of COMC, 99% of what I buy is for a collection that I have listed on my sidebar.  Within COMC, that number drops to something like 50%...I just sometimes then resell those cards later on before having them shipping.

But with the Black Friday free shipping this year, I ended up having a few of the more random cards shipped this time around.  So here are the cards I just had to add to my collection even though they don't technically fit (so we'll make them fit).

The first two cards both come from NFL Showdown, which is a set that I love because, like the Quad jersey set I chase, it gives cards to all sorts of random people that otherwise would not get them:
Clevan Williams is much better known as Tank Williams, and was a Madden '04 favorite in my family.  His career was relatively short (2002-2007) due to injuries, but he made some decent plays for the Titans, Vikings, and Patriots in that time.

Robert Edwards is the Patriots RB who looked like a future star in his 1998 rookie season, only to blow out his knee playing flag football at the Pro Bowl.  It wasn't just any old leg injury - he almost had to have the leg amputated below the knee - but Edwards worked his way back and ended up getting back into the NFL with the Dolphins in 2002.  This card is a neat reminded of all the work Edwards did to get himself back into the NFL.

This next card is thick.  I thought it might be a little bigger than the normal card, but it is way bigger than even I imagined:
It is a manufactured helmet card of Al Harris, from a Green Bay Packers set a few years back.  I know I saw a Charles Woodson of these on Dennis' blog a while back, and figured I might as well grab one from the defensive back I always liked to watch.
Here's the back, pretty standard.  Harris was a defensive back first with the Philadelphia Eagles, whose secondary I followed a lot thanks to Troy Vincent, Bobby Taylor, and Brian Dawkins.  Harris looked like he could become an excellent addition to that secondary, but instead he was traded to the Packers in 2002 for a 4th round pick.  Harris then spent the next 9-10 years building a legacy as a semi-star in Green Bay.  He was so highly revered that, when the Packers won the Super Bowl in 2010-2011, they gave Harris a ring even though he was a Dolphin at the time.  Harris also played one year with the Rams before retiring, and is currently a defensive backs coach with the Kansas City Chiefs.

Now I mentioned how I had always followed Philly's defensive secondary due to three guys.  When I looked around COMC during this sale, I found a patch card of one of the guys and had to get it.  So here it is, a Pro Bowl card of Troy Vincent:

Beautiful little two color piece in there.  It is fairly hard to find such cards of Vincent, who is probably the 2nd most well known of those three backs (everyone knows Brian Dawkins, pretty much no one knows Bobby Taylor), so this is a huge get.
And here's the back!  Vincent was a 1st round pick of the Dolpins in 1992, and spent four years there before moving to Philly.  He had eight very dominant years as an Eagle, including five Pro Bowl nods, before finishing his career with 2+ Bills seasons and a final season with the Redskins.  Vincent has since become the NFL Vice President of Football Operations, showing that he is a guy who can do great things both on and off the field.

As epic as the Vincent patch was for me, this next patch definitely takes the cake.  The player is Woody Dantzler, the former Clemson QB/NFL playmaker who I have dabbled in collecting in the past.  He has a few jersey cards in sets, but they are primarily all one color pieces.  This piece is three colors - so needless to say it is crazy awesome that I was able to find one of these:

Some red, some black, and then some white paint specks as well.  The card is from the East-West Shrine Bowl game of that year.  Don't believe me?
I think collecting multi-color patches from the early 00's has become one of my favorite pastimes (mostly through Seneca Wallace, but also through my other PC's) because it was so much trickier back then.  One color jerseys could fly because jerseys themselves were so rare, so to find a 2+ color patch in the print run of an early 00's card, in many cases, is unheard.  As is, this is the only Dantzler multi-color jersey card I have ever I am pretty happy to be a member of such an elite club!

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