Monday, January 26, 2015

Ebay Communication Done Right

So the other day I was cruisin' and perusin' through Ebay, and came across a rare-ish Shyrone Stith autograph.  It was something like $3.99 or best offer so I offered like $2.50 and won it.  Good times.

The next day the seller messages me saying that he has the blue version of the card up too.  Which I then notice...and realize I previously avoided due to the price...but it also has a best offer.  So I offered something lower...he accepted...and boom two autos in one nice little transaction, combined shipping and all.  Gotta love when Ebay sellers are that easy to work with.  

Here's the Red auto that came in the mail a few days later:
Nice little on card auto, really colorful too.  The back:
Kinda funky that these guys aren't numbered, but that is something consistent across all the cards in this set. Technically it's out of like 170...that's how many cards were in the print run.

Here's the blue version that came along with it:
I think I like the blue a little better - works with Jags colors more.
And here's the blue back...these bad boys got a numbered print run of 100...not too shabby to grab both of these for under $10!

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