Sunday, February 1, 2015

Super Bowl Sunday - Let's go Pats!

The Seahawks at least deserve to be here, so if they beat the Pats it wouldn't be as heartbreaking as Eli's two Super Bowl rings.

That being said, I'm definitely cheering for the Pats today.  I know Brady is near the end of his career so there won't be a lot more chances like this, so let's hope he pulls it off!

In related news, I always wanted a Tom Brady patch card, but they always cost way too much so I've never been able to pick one up.  But this morning a guy had a bunch of Tom Brady cards on sale on COMC (due to the Super Bowl), and his one Brady patch was priced nicely so I grabbed it.  It's obviously not yet in hand, but it's a really nice card IMHO:
Antowain Smith is there too, which mike take away for some, but really adds to it for me since he was such a big part of the 2001 and 2003 Super Bowl wins.  The fact that both patches are three colors is extra nice IMHO.  

The best part though - the guarantee on the back:
I am a sucker for any old school card where they show you a picture of the jersey the piece came from, let alone two pictures for two jersey pieces.  Smith's jersey looks crazy beat up which is awesome, and I wonder if it'd be possible to match it to a game since it has some tell tale tears.  Maybe I'll have to check that out sometime, but today my focus is all on the Super Bowl - GO PATS!


  1. Forgot you were a Patriots fan. Happy for you that they won. What a game. Only the Giants can beat the Patriots in the Super Bowl!

    1. Thanks, and agreed! Eli just has that magic touch!